August 24, 2018  

BARTLETT PEARS are ready now and Maria will deliver them to us next Thursday. These pears are basically organic now. The pear orchard is in its third transition year to be fully organic -- one year from organic certification.

Maria has more SUNGLOW NECTARINES for us too.

Members can order by the case for delivery Thursday, August 30: 
Pears are $32 for a 24# case, and Nectarines are $44 for a fat 18# case.

To pre-order by the case, please follow instructions below.

Your Household Membership entitles you to special order fruit from our orchard friends in Orondo. If you would like to order Bartlett Pears or Sunglow Nectarines for delivery on Thursday, August 30, please place  your order with me following the instructions below.
-- Eleanor 



To order Pears or Nectarines, please contact me no later than 6pm Tuesday, August 28, for delivery on Thursday, August 30.  Email me at No orders are taken through the Co-op.

Your email should have "Pears" or "Nectarines" in the subject line and contain the following information:

* Your name, email address, phone number,
* How many cases of Bartlett Pears, or
* How many boxes of Sunglow Nectarines you want.  

Once you have sent your request and are on the list, your order is committed. I'll send a reminder email to everyone on the list when orders are closed. If you find that you must cancel, please do so before the Tuesday deadline so Maria doesn't pack your fruit.

If you want to split a case with someone, please ask among your friends and neighbors and arrange things yourselves. If you can't find someone, I can try to match people up if I receive another request to share, but all the arrangements after that should be between the people sharing.


Thursday shortly before noon on August 30, your pears and nectarines will be ready for pickup. Please come for your fruit that day before the store closes at 7 pm; as you know we don't have cold storage. Pears keep best if they are stored in a cool place; nectarines should be kept in the refrigerator and a few taken out as you need them to ripen in a bowl for a day or two.


Payments (cash or check only) will be taken at the cash register when you pick up your fruit. The price is $32 per 24# case for pears, $44 per 20# case for nectarines. The cashier will mark your name off the list of orders at the check stand when you pay and take your fruit.

Brian and Maria Dennis live on a ten acre farm south of Chelan on the Columbia River at lee side of the mountains where there is little pesticide drift. They are third generation orchardists and have grown tree fruit there for 35 years. They are good stewards of the land and use healthy agricultural practices. Maria has been delivering their wonderful fruit to our co-op from June through November since 2009. We get their fruit directly from the farm so it is weeks fresher than fruit that has been picked green, long stored, much handled, and transported in fumigated trucks. It is available as it ripens on the trees and is harvested.
You can bring your clean and uncrumpled fruit boxes back to the co-op, including the padding and liners, for Maria to take back to the farm and use again to pack fruit for our co-op.
Thank you for supporting the people who work so hard on their small family farms to grow, harvest, and deliver our local and regional foods!
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