Come celebrate Earth Day with us as we open the doors to Faces of Barton Springs, an interactive installation.

Be the first of many to experience
this community driven experience. Hear from Karen Kocher and Lauren Jaben, the creative minds behind the project.

The three-month installation will feature a 9-foot long collage of Barton Springs swimmers from all walks of life, ranging from artists and athletes to scientists and spiritual seekers. It will also feature listening stations showcasing poetry, music, and other Springs-related lore. Visitors will be encouraged to create Barton Springs-inspired poetry on the magnetized Susan Bright memorial tree, leave a love note for Barton Springs, and pose for a selfie with a life-sized vintage swimmer cut-out. 

Opening Reception:
April 22

Barton Springs Bathhouse
2201 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78704