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Our long, hot summer is drawing to a close; harvest season is upon us. Time for some three-day-weekend fun, made all the tastier with the nip of back-to-school sweater weather in the air. Here's our five-county guide to this diverse and lively Labor Day in the Catskills.

Currently, a major focus of the organization is the ongoing process of modifying Mamakating's zoning laws to bring them into accord with the town's master plan crafted in 2001. BKAA president Paula Medley is serving on the advisory committee and she says her goal is to make sure the new zoning is ecologically responsible and maintains the rural/residential character of the town. 
A second major concern is the proposed Thompson Education Center, also known as China City. The plan calls for dense development on 568 acres of land that encompasses the Harlen Swamp, a wetlands area recognized by the State of New York as a priority for preservation.
"Our organization is going to do everything possible to see that this large project does not go through," said Medley.
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"Eliminating this regressive tax on women was a matter of fairness and I am proud to have signed this legislation to right that wrong," Governor Cuomo said. "With the law in effect, we have taken one more step toward a more just and more fair New York for all." Feminine hygiene products have been taxable since the state sales tax was first instituted in 1965, even as a wide variety of other goods, such as dietary and family planning products, have been exempt. New York is one of the first states to join the movement to exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax, which is expected to save women purchasing tampons, and other similar products, an estimated $10 million a year.

Donald Stoutenburgh said his daughter was visiting home for the weekend from college when she began throwing up and suffering a headache. She was taken to a hospital and put on intravenous fluids. Kerry was released from the hospital, but after returning home she became incoherent and combative. The family returned to the hospital where doctors conducted a spinal tap to test for meningitis. Instead they found the deadly amoeba, according to Donald.
"The Town Board's appointment of these Fallsburg citizens to this new board represents not only an important step in allowing Fallsburg residents to map our future in terms of the speed and depth of residential and commercial development, but also allows them to become stakeholders in preserving and enhancing our rustic quality of life and rural nature of our communities. This group represent citizens of our Town with backgrounds in building, business, farming, education, healthcare and public service. We sought representation from both individuals as well as groups like Fallsburg Future, our second home community, as well as not for profit stakeholders," said Vegliante.
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According to authorities, while conducting an interview with McLaughlin on the side of the road, the Troopers discovered he had a suspended license. Police allege McLaughlin then pushed the Trooper and fled on foot.After a short foot pursuit, Troopers attempted to gain custody of McLaughlin who physically resisted arrest and attempted to obtain the Troopers sidearm, according to police.

If you and your significant other can't remember the last time you got away from it all, it's time to put the Catskills on the top of your to-do list. Don't have the time (or accrued vacation days) for a long vacay? No worries, you'll reach these spots in less than three hours -- whether via your own wheels or the Adirondack bound Trailways bus . And less travel time means fewer opportunities to argue about whose family you're going to spend Thanksgiving with. 
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When then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo ran for governor in 2010, he promised to revive the moribund upstate economy. A  new report from state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli shows that effort has essentially failed. 
The comptroller looked at job growth in each upstate region from June 2009 when the national recession ended to June 2016. Only three regions show any increase, and three areas-the one north of Albany, the Mohawk Valley along the Erie Canal and the Southern Tier-have seen significant declines despite the national recovery. In all, upstate has gained 10,000 jobs-a minuscule number-and remains well below its pre-recession level.

DiNapoli may be mild-mannered, but it looks like he won't be bullied this time. (Cuomo's inner circle reportedly refers to him as "chipmunk balls." You can't make this stuff up, folks.) DiNapoli says he will persist in his audits of economic development programs. If a pattern of data emerges, DiNapoli can shift the conversation away from personalities to fundamental questions worthy of debate now and in the 2018 gubernatorial race: Do "Economic Development" subsidies to business create jobs? How does the public benefit from these programs? What else could we do with the money that might stimulate the economy?
The DOT says it's hoping to improve traffic operations for drivers as well as pedestrians, and to minimize the impact on nearby properties. "With Bethel Woods and with an influx of people that come here for the summer, that is a concern, and it's something that this project will address, and it's a safety project," said NYSDOT Public Information Officer David Hamburg. "It's a project that's being done to improve safety, not only for the traveling public, but also for pedestrians."
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" The true question is not whether Trump should debate or not, but whether the upcoming presidential debates carry any significance at all."
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