July '23 / Trailside Update
The Basic 5/Rental/RollerSkis
The Basic Five
Who? What? When? Where? & Why?
These basic questions are tools for how one gathers information. Every day at Bicycle Doctor, people share with us their own information, or what we refer to as "their story'. Stories have so much value to us. We don't use these stories as bait for a bike sale. They have much more value than that. They're links just like the links in a bike chain that make the gears work. They connect us. They move us. Mostly, we're inspired and motivated by each story. Here are a few we've come to learn about during this season with answers to those basic questions, and will hopefully motivate and inspire you to create your own lifestyle story.
Who: Jeremy Bronner
What: Specialized Roubaix
When: May 9-13
Where: Virginia to Richmond, 248 miles
Why: Community Support
Jeremy rides with the Police Unity Tour, a Law Enforcement bicycle team whose mission is to honor fallen officers & survivors. "Meeting all the people and hearing stories of why their involved, it connects me to others. What got me was seeing all those that came out to cheer us on and give us emotional support. Fills you up."
Who: Katrina Morse
What: FX+ E-bike
When: Summer of '23
Where: In her neighborhood, on vacations, or wherever their pedals take them.
Why: For Family Health

"We’ve always loved riding bikes! Riding bikes has evolved for our family. We’ve transitioned from riding road bikes to an eBike that can assist in pulling our child on her adaptive tricycle on long rides. We felt that this would allow our family to be together, enjoying bike riding, and also encouraging our kids to enjoy exercise & the outdoors!”
Charlie Harrison @Pesgah
Who: Charlie Harrison
What: Trek Gen 6 Fuel Ex
When: April 10-15, 2023
Where: Pisgah Stage Race
Brevard, North Carolina
Why: For The Experience

"Bikes have taken me to amazing places around the world, and introduced me to some excellent people."
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July '23 / Trailside Update