The Basic Principles of the SCIENCE of Mind Course Overview:

This 12 week, entry-level course is a study in the Science of Mind (New Thought System). This course is designed to be a personal exploration into the basic principles of the Science of Mind and their relevance and application to daily life. Each student will explore the Universal Principles an their relationship to the Creative Power and Presence inherent in all life.

This Course Will:

  • Introduced you to the foundational metaphysical approaches to spirituality
  •  Expand the your perspective and approach to the Bible
  •  Clarify what the Mind's function and role is in your life experience
  •  Be instrumental in you reformatting your spiritual beliefs and approach to life

What Will You Learn?

The course is comprised of twelve lessons that make up the basic principles and practices of the Science of Mind. The Lessons are: 

  • Week One: Your Mind and How It Works
  • Week Two: Thought and Its Power
  • Week Three: The focus of Attention
  • Week Four: Why Man’s Mind is Creative
  • Week Five: Why Man’s Mind is Creative (Continued)
  • Week Six: The Sense of Authority
  • Week Seven: The Technique of Prayer Treatment
  • Week Eight: The Technique of Prayer Treatment (Continued)
  • Week Nine: Treatment for Specific Conditions
  • Week Ten: Treatment of Specific Conditions (Continued)
  • Week Eleven: Practical Aids in Treatment
  • Week Twelve: The Healing Consciousness

The course is a 12 week combination of independent and group study designed to help you understand the basic tenants of "New Thought Theology" and expand your spiritual expression.

About the Facilitator
  • Gregory A Stanton has been studying and teaching the Word for over 40 years and is referred to as a “Spiritual Scientist”. He has a thorough understanding of the scriptures at a metaphysical level combined with training in the mind science of psychology. 

Course Logistics:
  • Webinar/Tele-Seminar: Each week there is live 50 minute teaching followed by a 30 minute group engagement process. (18 hours of facilitated interaction)
  • Daily application
  • Weekly assignment, inclusive of viewing of recommended youtube teachings and or additional readings
  • Unlimited text messaging for clarity or direction
  • Accountability Partner ( Will be assigned unless you register with one)

  • Thursday’s Class Commences on 02/11/2021, from 7-8:30 cst for 12 consecutive weeks

  •  Time: Total commitment to 12 weeks
  •  Cost: -General Registrant $120.00 -Oasis Partners $60.00 PROMO CODE: OASIS

(Payment is not required at the time of registration. Once you register an invoice will be sent addressing the various payment options)

*Webinar Information Will Be Provided to Registrants