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New York Institute of Core Energetics Events

Institute  Electives

Offered to all Alumni during Training Weekends 

Ethics - April 20, 2015 / Karin Knoblich 


The Human Energy Field - April 20, 2015 / Lynn Kreadon 


Each elective course is $75 / plus room & board, depending on preference.  

Click to register 

Free Friday Nights


Kate Holt

April 24th


7:30-9:30 PM

 150 West 28th St

Ste 1803




Corevolution: State of Heart Evolution
Community Event
Jim Johnston
Sherri Brown
150 West 150th St. Suite 1803
Saturday, May 23rd
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Traveling Light
Resting in the Heart of Silence
Erena Bramos
Donovan Thesenga
April 9-12, 2015
Seven Oaks Retreat Center
The Dynamics of Money
Judith Gruber
April 17 and June 19


 Ongoing Events 

Process Group with
Sherri Brown 
PH 914 - 953 - 2937
Neal Levy
PH 845 - 353 - 2482
Every second Wed 
7:00PM to 9:00PM
The Art of Practice
Twice Monthly
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Sam Cagnina
Cynthia Kagoshima

Fundraiser Events

The Scholarship Fund Annual Pool Party!
July 18th 
(Rain date July 19th)
Hosted by Michael & Marsha Antkies
Address: 226 Great Hill Rd, Ridgefield CT
time: 12 - 6 pm
RSVP: Cassie Duggan

Office Space for Rent

Available Monday eve and weekends for private sessions or groups (10 pple max). Also available for rent by the hour.  
My office in Greenwich is available for rent by the hour or by block of time for private sessions.

The address in NY : 1239 Broadway Suite 1003A New York NY 10001 
and Greenwich:  522 East Putnam Avenue # 8A Greenwich, CT 06830.
Contact Karin Knoblich
(212) 400-1446
" The heart is a flaming jewel of life that has beautiful colors, emanates waves, and inundates the human being with messages.  It is in effect a state of creation."                                                    J.Pierrakos

Dear Community,
Spring is in the air - we promise!  As spring brings new life, we have information on the new ways Core is coming to life and new programs that are beginning to take shape.  It is our intention to reconnect our past with the current classes now in their training years. Join us in our endeavor to hold the energy for growing our Core Alumni Community.  Send us your thoughts on how you use Core in your practice, or what you are planning. Send us articles of interest, and what you are doing now. If you think we have missed something important - take the opportunity and let us know. We want to hear from you. Please click here to view our submission guidelines and email articles to:
With love,
Kristina Le Fever
Jessica Nygren

Core Alumna President of United States Association of Bodypsychotherapists (USABP)
By Beth Haessig

"It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving. I'll tell you one thing, its always better when we're together." (Jack Johnson)


Dear Core Alumni, I am thrilled that we are Core Energetics Graduates!!  This means we have a lot in common. As President of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, I am happy to be practicing at a time when there is a growing understanding, respect, and interest in our "somatic perspective" than ever before. Body-mind therapies and practices are on the rise-verging on acceptance by mainstream institutions like hospitals and schools; but what is often missing in those alternative medical departments or businesses is psychology--the mind-body interventions from the mental health professional. I want to change that. We are not Reiki masters, we are not massage therapists, we are not rolfers, rather, we are body-centered, or somatic psychologists, social workers, psychoanalysts, counselors, or practitioners.  


As a licensed psychologist I work in a hospital in Newark NJ, providing a science-based psychological- yogic intervention infused with mindfulness, Core Energetics, and cognitive-behavioral therapy for the morbidly obese. I am honored to be given the opportunity to bring the art and science of somatic psychology into the forefront of obesity treatment. But I didn't do this alone.   By partnering with Kripalu Institute through a grant, I was able to launch this body-based, psychological intervention.


Who do you need to start partnering with, in order to make a bigger splash in the world? Maybe it's the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy. We are reorganizing our structure, our vision, and our operations in order to bring support and partnership opportunities to our practitioners in the trenches. My primary mission as President is to get the word out, about what we may offer schools, hospitals, families, organizations, and society.   SO JOIN US, --as we do the important work of getting somatic psychology and body-mind therapies to be commonplace in everyday conversations within mainstream settings, research institutions, educational systems and health centers. Because truly "it's better when we're together."  


  Click here for membership information 

Academia & Core Energetics:
Bridging Mind and Body in Brazil              by  M o n i ca  Bo r I n e

Monica Borine, together with her husband and the Directors of the New York Institute, founded the Brazil Core Energetics Institute of Atibaia, São Paulo in 2004. Since then Monica has focused on two goals: bringing the work of Core Energetics to Universities and their students, with the hope of sharing a different knowing of implications in their psychotherapeutic efforts, as well as a sound understanding of Core Energetics as a complementary therapeutic process to psychology. In doing this, "I received a good acceptance by the people, students and professionals".

Monica has authored numerous publications with the intention of elevating the status of Core Energetics, and presented at many conferences including the Brazilian Congress of Psychology. The last of these papers, presented in August 2014, is considered the most scientific research undertaken in Brazil on Core Energetics. The work scientifically validates the Staccato Breath work technique as an effective therapeutic tool in psychological assessment.

The future of Core Energetics is promising, but I believe that therapists need to take care of the essence of the teachings left by Pierrakos. We need to clearly reflect what Core Energetics is, which aspects of its theory differ from other therapeutic approaches, and which concepts we may expand, and what are its limits. I remember the Convention of Core
Energetics in the Switzerland 1999. Pierrakos was present in the audience and walked onto the stage and said something I consider very important: 'The theory kills the energy'.  I think we should learn from this. We must understand that the theory is needed to ground Core Energetics and offer consistency, but the process, individual or group, are its strongest points, a feature unique to Core and one that I consider spectacular.


 To view more photos, links and names of publications

as well as contact details for Monica, please click here 

M e m b e r s  o f  t he N Y I CE Boa r d  2015
NYICE Board of Directors Update
By Jessica Nygren

The NYICE first annual open board meeting for 2015 began with the sad farewell and appreciation for two board members, Brian Gleason and Melissa Alacheff. Everyone expressed gratitude for the generosity with which they gave service and the eros they bought to their roles. It was also time to welcome two new board members, Barra Kahn and Michael Antkies (see photo on the right), two long term members of the core community who were invited to join for the first time. Welcome!


The board meeting was slightly stalled by the advent of some heavy snowfall, but thanks to modern technology everyone was able to attend (albeit with the help of skype). Each committee gave a summary of their achievements for 2014 and an overview for goals in 2015. I am delighted to write that NYICE under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Academic Director, Lisa Loustaunau and Executive Director, Warren Moe, is going from strength to strength.

A brief summary of some important news:

  • Over the next few years NYICE will implement a Learning Management System which will support creating a standardized curriculum and lesson plans, aid the faculty in assigning, collecting and commenting on student homework, facilitate administration efforts in tracking student progress and more!

  • The institute projects a positive net gain of approximately + $13,000 this academic year over projected expenses.

  • "Town Hall" forums have been established to better facilitate open, transparent communications with the student body.

  • Fundraising efforts were a great success and contributed $63,000 to the annual budget and scholarship fund.

  • NYICE now has two part time staff positions 1) Executive/Finance Associate, Chris Deatherage 2) Administrative Assistant/Marketing Associate, Cynthia Kagoshima located at the NYICE central office at 150 W 28th St, 18th Floor, New York. NY.

  • In 2014 a publishing committee to disseminate Core Energetics to the wider psychotherapy community was established - watch this space!

These achievements could not have come about without the support of many individuals, past and present. Please join us in celebrating all we have accomplished and the exciting road ahead for NYICE.

Now is the Time: Core Arrives in Poland this April
By Ala Konopko-Ulanecki

In the spirit of updating you all on the progress of our project introducing Core Energetics in Poland and

we would like you to know that preparations for our trip to Poland are at full speed.


We will be leading 2 workshops in 2 different cities and have free presentations in 4 different cities. The process has been immensely exciting and nerve wracking at this same time. Not everything we envisioned so far has materialized, at this same time we've made many unexpected connections with wonderful people who simply are willing to help in making this happen. Every day there are new things that we are learning. Marketing our events, signing up participants, opening a new bank account to be able to collect deposits, updating our FB page, responding to questions and concerns of those interested but still undecided and of  course preparing our presentations and workshops. We are working overtime these days and can't wait to share with you about our experience in Poland as soon as we get back.


For a full list of our schedule please check out our websites 

Alumni Party - An Elegant Success 
by Kristina LeFever

Elegant and congenial are good words to describe the tone of our first Alumni party. In true Core fashion the attendees enjoyed each other's company. The menu consisted of delicious Satay chicken and beef kabobs, and a lovely coconut shrimp with a generous variety of sauces to compliment each dish. The cheese platter had real fruit on it, and there was wine and beer in abundance. We even had alumni from the class of 2005-2006 - a delight for all to be sure!  Sign up for the Alumni Association was nearly 100%.  Alumni can now sign-up for the Alumni Association on the Institute website if you have a paypal account, and soon there will be a credit card sign-in for others. It was a good beginning. We are planning to have more events to bring the Alumni together and this was just our kick-off. The Institute's vision is to hold the energy to bring Alumni together in a consistent way, and we are!  Wouldn't you like to recreate the good stuff from your years at Core?  We need your energies to do this; and isn't that what the work is all about - energy in consciousness?  Bring your juice, you won't be disappointed.
Words from Warren
By Executive Director Warren Moe
I am very pleased that Kristina LeFever and
I hosted a wonderful alumni gathering last Saturday night. The occasion was motivated by our keen desire to give back to our Core graduates and to give them an opportunity to rekindle old connections and discover some new ones. 
We also launched our alumni web page that gives our alumni the means to join the ICE alumni membership. The benefits of joining the membership will include the opportunity to elect an alumni member to the board. Our efforts are to broaden the base of leadership in Core and to transition to a more "bottom up" than a "top down" leadership. We are calling for a greater participation in our community that has influenced our lives in such a profound way. There is much more to come and we are grateful for your contributions.
We envision this newsletter as an opportunity to enter into dialogue with our community, each other and invite you to take part. We want to hear your news, views, art, articles, space rentals, workshops, ideas and more!  Please send us your articles in word format, 300 words or less.
By sending us content you agree that you have read our disclaimer guidelines (follow link here) and adhere to the above submission guidelines. 
We look forward to hearing from you.
With Love, 
The Editorial Team
Kristina LeFever
Jessica Nygren