week of March 14th ~ March 18th

Tuesday- Guiness Stew / Irish Seafood Chowder

~ We only do this stew once a year, on the week of the Irish. It is filled with tender chunks of lamb and beef, veggies, and yes that beautiful dark beer, Guiness. The beer combined with flavors from the lamb and beef make for an unbelievable base of rich broth that has you eating the whole bowl before you know it. Try pairing with our rosemary bread for the perfect meal.

This second Irish soup is a new one for us and I am very excited for it. It is a creamy lemon and dill base soup filled with shrimp, salmon, white fish, clams, and muscles. It will feel like you are on the shores of Ireland. A buttermilk biscuit wouldn't hurt either.

~Olive Oil Bread

~Buttermilk Biscuits

Wednesday- Carb Day

~Stuffed Rolls


~Olive Oil Breads

Thursday- Colcannon / Garden Veggie

~Be still my Irish heart, Colcannon is one of my favorites. The simplicity of it with potatoes and cabbage make it so flavorful. As this soup cooks and the starches and cabbage break down it makes a rich broth that just is perfect for our crusty sea salt bread to be dipped into. I thank Jess all the time for introducing me to this favorite of mine.

You cannot go wrong with our garden veggie. It sounds boring I know, but Jess works magic on even the simplest soups. It is loaded to the brim with every type of veggie you can think of. This might be a two-soup day if you ask me.

Friday- Pierogi Lasagna

~ You all have been asking for this meal, so here it is, comfort food at its finest. Layers of perfectly whipped potatoes, cheese, and pasta make for a decadent meal. Then if you so choose, we will have layers of kielbasa in some to make it a complete meal for the family. This is a meal everyone will love, children and all. Dinner is done.

Saturday- Quiche

~Spinach, Tomato, Italian Cheese

~Sausage and Gouda

~Lox ( smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, tomato)

***Call to Pre-Order a full-size quiche to create an easy brunch or luncheon throughout the week - 724-604-0197 ***

Salad- Harvest

~Fresh apples, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, and blue cheese on a bed of mixed greens.

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