week of May 24th ~ May28th

Tuesday- Gumbalaya

~This soup is a combination of gumbo and jambalaya. It is full of chicken, shrimp, smoked sausage, rice, and tons of peppers and veggies. It is loaded with smoky savory flavors and mild enough in spice for the whole family. Perfect soup to dunk one of our buttermilk biscuits into. 

~Buttermilk Biscuits

~Olive Oil Breads

~Seasonal Small Cakes

Wednesday- Carb Day!

~Stuffed Rolls


~Olive Oil Breads

Thursday- Italian Tortellini

~Tomato and cream base always make for a good start. This soup is loaded with textures and flavors from all the veggies, spinach, and cheese tortellini. It is the most perfect weekday dinner and an easy way to slip veggies into the meal. 

Friday- Haluski

~ Not one of our healthiest or lightest meals, but man is it satisfying to the soul. Caramelized onions and cabbage tossed with buttery egg noodles, and with an option of kielbasa and bacon or plain. One of those meals that everyone asks for seconds on, addicting and comforting. Dinner is done. 


~Caramelized Onion and White Cheddar

~Sausage and Gouda

~Shrimp Jalapeno

*** 8 inch quiche make the perfect breakfast for any weekend. Call to Pre-Order / 724-604-0197 ***

Salad- Tortellini Salad

Cheese tortellini and fresh tomatoes tossed with our homemade balsamic dressing then placed on a bed of mixed greens with shaved Italian cheese. 

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