friends of privacy,

This past Sunday, a level 3 transient sex offender attacked Kelly Herron in the women's restroom at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. While she was washing her hands, Gary Steiner jumped out from a stall behind her, tackled her to the ground, punched her in the face over half a dozen times, and tried to rape her.

Kelly was brave; she fought hard, employing the techniques she learned just three weeks ago in a self-defense class, clawing at her attacker's face until she finally broke free and escaped. All of this happened in broad daylight during busy hours at the park. 

Sadly, what happened to Kelly is hardly rare. Each week yields new stories of deviant men who found ways to access female's vulnerable spaces in order to exploit them. This site alone contains nearly 200 of these stories. The overwhelming majority of the victims of these incidents are females, while the perpetrators are almost always biological males, and yes, the predator list contains multiple transwomen. 

The current rule in Washington grants males unrestricted access to women's spaces, provided they use just four words: "I identify as non-binary." Or fluid. Or demigender. Or pangender. Or gender gifted. Or anything they want to declare themselves other than male. Anything goes.

With nearly 19,000 registered sex offenders in the state, and over 1,000 of them listed as missing or non-compliant, wisdom says that WAC 162-32 is a very bad plan.  A s a 13 year career parole officer for sex offenders stated while testifying before the Senate last year, "It's a goldmine for predators." 

Normalizing the presence of males in female spaces, training women to ignore their red flags and close their mouths when they feel unsafe, and dismissing important boundaries as bigotry is incredibly harmful to women, who would retain the absolute human right to say "no" to males in their showers without a single one of these endless incidents ever having occurred. 

We have just three and a half months to gather enough signatures to get I-1552 on the ballot and restore female protections in WA. Will you help us to that end? Please prayerfully consider joining our fight by clicking any one (or all) of the three options below.  

Grateful for your willingness to stand with us for these basic women's rights in Washington,

Kaeley Triller Haver
Communications Director