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November 2018

Calling All TRELL Members!

We need your help to close down the complex for the winter. Please come out to TRELL on Saturday, November 17th anytime between 9am and 4pm. Any help you can give is appreciated. Players are always welcomed to join in and help too! 

Modell's  Team Week

November 23rd
 December 24th

It's that time of the year when most people begin shopping for that perfect holiday gift. 

Do your holiday shopping and help our league. SO EASY!!!

Just open this on your phone and bring to Modell's. 

Are you interested in serving on a TRELL committee? 

Baseball Rules Committee

Discipline Committee 

Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee 

Safety Committee

Committees are forming! If you have any interest in serving on any of the following committees, please contact Melissa O'Neill at (732) 600-9072 or

Coaches Corner



With another exciting Little League ® season behind us, the off-season can provide time for coaches to reflect, evaluate, and plan for the upcoming season. While players look to hone their skills during the off-season, coaches should also look for ways they can improve their craft.
When evaluating yourself as a coach, it should start with your coaching philosophy. Do you have a clear philosophy, did you share it with your players and team parents, and did you hold yourself accountable to your philosophy?
Regardless of what happened last season, the offseason is a great opportunity to evaluate your philosophy and incorporate actions you'll take in practices and games to ensure that philosophy rings true all season long.
Here are a few anecdotes to consider when developing your own coaching philosophy:
  • Sports are supposed to be fun. We're going to have fun.
  • I expect everyone to positively cheer on his or her teammates throughout the season.
  • Our sportsmanship will be exemplary. We will make sure we show respect for the rules, our opponents, the umpires, our teammates and our selves.
  • I want every player on the team to strive for some type of improvement. We will focus on where each player comes in on Day 1, and make sure that on the last day of the season there was growth.
  • I expect your best effort on every play. We'll focus on effort and energy, which will lead to the results we want to see.
  • Mastering skills and understanding the game are what we will work on this year. Winning will take care of itself as skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork improve.
These are just a few ideas that can be incorporated into your coaching philosophy. As you fine-tune your philosophy during the offseason, think about how it will fit into the overall culture you want to create on your team. Culture can be defined as "the way we do things here." Think about what you want your team to be known for. Are those characteristics included in your coach philosophy and in turn, your team culture?
When you've determined your coach philosophy, make sure you write it down and be ready to share with your players and parents at your first team gathering. Setting expectations from the start gets the season off to a great start for all those involved.

Submitted by Jason Sacks, Positive Coaching Alliance

Upcoming Events

General Meetings Are Open to All Members of the TRELL Community and Are Held At the East Dover First Aid Building. 


Next General Meeting: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 @7pm


If you haven't had Trinity Solar come out for a quick visit, now is the time. Our involvement with Trinity Solar's Stewardship Program will help us raise money while providing you access to a no-cost solar installation.

A Personal Experience...

"W hat a great program that Trinity Solar Stewardship is!!!
I had them come give me an estimate for solar and right off the bat TRELL received $100.  I liked the program so I signed up for the Solar and TRELL received $1,000!! The whole process was so smooth...the guys that came here to put up the solar were unelievable. They were thorough and cleaned up after themselves just like I would! Not one complaint.

The estimate took no more than one hour!"

     Tracy Denora

Ocean County Library Display
The Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library has put together a display featuring TRELL's 98 Little League World Series team. If you get a chance, stop by and check it out! 

Our online store is open!
Don't forget to stop in the Spirit Store, located next to the concession stand! We have sweatshirts, mom shirts, hockey jerseys, beanie hats, and some of the new designs in youth sizes!! Cash, check, and credit cards accepted!  Don't forget to check out the online store too!! Click here to shop!


Fischer Blvd Branch
to see how you can benefit while also helping TRELL and Our Members

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