Take Me Out to the Ballpark!
April is the beginning of baseball season and the unofficial start of spring. We recently were honored to do a snack bar cleaning job for the Fremont American Little League's ballpark, Marshall Park in Fremont. This ballpark is nationally recognized, receiving awards and used for the playoffs in and around Fremont and the Bay Area.

We were
awed and inspired to learn that this field was done by one passionate homeowner/volunteer with no contractor or professional groundskeepers involved.

The professional image this field delivers will leave a lasting emotional connection with the players (kids), fans (parents/family) and anyone else who steps foot onto that field. This connection will probably last a lifetime.

Just as this ballpark is maintained to generate that connection for baseball fans, so should your place of business. An impressive workplace will always be neat, clean and well organized. Impress upon your employees and competitors that you CARE about your image by maintaining a professional image. If you have any doubt that the image you portray can be a powerful marketing tool, go visit Marshall Park!

On a related note, check out some key trends in office design that are driving employee engagement for the good of the business....
Top Office Design and Furniture Trends
What's driving today's office design and employee engagement? According to a new trend update from SEAATS office furnishings company, there are 5 key trends in office design and furniture selection that are important for keeping employees happy and engaged.

Today's office tenants are looking beyond trendy climbing walls and foosball tables to comfy furniture, sit-stand workstations and vibrant colors to help attract top talent. According to SEAATS, a Chicago-based commercial furnishings company, the top furniture trends for the spring season are all about making the office environment inviting, adaptable and efficient to help attract and retain employees. Here are 5 trends to watch:
  1. Furniture that rejuvenates --Today's office workers are busy and want furniture that can support them through long days and have flexible heights and adjustments. Many desks and chairs are made with ergonomics in mind and
    are sold in varying sizes to allow customization of work stations. 

  2. "Sit-Stand" Desk options -- Research has shown that sitting down in the same position all day can have damaging effects on the body and mind. Adjustable chairs and tables - and those that allow people to work while standing - are big in today's furniture world. 

  3. Open space with some privacy rules the day -- Collaborative, open space is great, but employees also need to hold meetings and talk privately with clients. One solution is an office design with nooks separated by decorative panels or partial walls. 

  4. Flexible furniture that feels like home--This involves bringing in desks, seating, benches and ottomans that mimic those found in a home. Employers are also adding break rooms with islands and family style seating, and plenty of plants, textured wall coverings, and art work. 

  5. Creative use of small spaces--Several office furniture manufacturers are modifying their furniture lines with a wide variety of sizes and shapes in desks, chairs, benches and tables. This allows businesses to use space efficiently, maximize vertical space, and avoid wasted or "dead" space.

Keeping your office floors and fabric clean and sanitary will also keep your employees healthy and happy, plus extend the life of this major asset category. Call us today for a quote at (510) 796-1150.
Over the years, Advanced Cleaning Systems has worked hard to provide our customers with both quality workmanship and first class service. We have learned that referrals are hard earned, and we appreciate your trust in us!


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