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April 2015



"Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity."

- Coco Chanel  






In the past, master artisans built up time-tested methods of craftsmanship that created goods of enduring quality. Today, modern machinery and materials allow us to enjoy manufactured goods with strength and durability unimaginable by the craftsmen of yesteryear.


Which is better? Do you choose traditional quality or technological solutions? Happily, you don't have to choose: a "marriage" of craftsmanship and technology allows you to enjoy both, in a partnership that combines the best of yesterday and today. 


Custom clothing offers today's discriminating gentleman the same painstaking attention to detail and craft as the tailors of old. You don't have to settle for any of today's rushed, shoddy workmanship that is merely "good enough" and rarely achieves lasting quality.

The fabrics in your custom wardrobe are refined and elegant. Modern textile fabrication methods offer lightweight fabrics with unsurpassed durability and ease of movement. You don't have to settle for the thick, coarse fabrics that were all that could be woven on traditional looms.


Having the best of both worlds is the essence of sophisticated custom clothing.


Kingford Bavender

Question: What's the best way to iron a dress shirt? 


Answer:  Ironing carefully will ensure your shirts look their absolute best each time you wear them. Use the lowest temperature that is effective. Turn on the steam setting if necessary. Thicker fabric will require more heat and steam than thin fabric.


Iron the back of the shirt first, from the center to the sides. Iron the sleeves next, followed by the cuffs. Turn the shirt over and iron each side of the front, taking care to iron between buttons instead of running over them. Iron the collar last. Hang (or wear) immediately to avoid getting new wrinkles in the fabric.


If this seems like too much work consider using a good commercial laundry.  In the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area I recommend Skylark Cleaning. They are eco friendly and do exceptional work on shirts as well as dry cleaning of suits, jackets and trousers.  Contact them at 612.Dry.Clean or www.Skylarkcleaning.com to schedule home or office pickup.     

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