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August 2015

"You can't rush art."

- Geri The Cleaner,
Toy Story







The quote may be from a popular children's movie, but the idea is true for grown-up endeavors as well. You may have heard it said as a variation of this: "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." No matter how you say it, true quality takes time, effort, and skill.


Custom clothing is its own kind of art, and it does take time to create high-quality customized clothing. Even in today's frenetically paced world, where nearly everything seems to be "instantly" available, it takes time to create the kind of quality and precision that make your custom clothing a fantastic investment in comfort and style.


If the dyeing process is rushed, the result is uneven colors. If the hand-sewn seams are rushed, the end result is puckered fabric. If the measuring is rushed, you'll end up with a poor fit.


Remember that your art (in this case, custom clothing) is worth waiting for-because great art is priceless.


Kingford Bavender

Question: What's the difference between hand-sewn and machine-sewn seams?


Answer: Hand-sewn seams are created by a single thread running through fabric like a wave. Done right, they lay smooth and do not pucker. Hand-sewn seams handle stretching well, and spring back into place after movement. Hand stitching is advantageous in curved areas like armholes, collars, and waistbands.


Machine-sewn seams use two threads crossing over each other through the fabric. They are sturdy and more precise than hand-sewn seams, but the extra tension created by having two threads pulling in opposition can lead to puckers in the fabric on curves. Machine stitching is advantageous in straight-seam areas like trouser legs, where it can be more durable and cleaner than hand stitching.

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