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January 2015



"Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new."


- Henry David Thoreau















Kingford Bavender
Certified Master Custom Clothier

Instead of making the same, old, still-not-accomplished resolutions every year, we suggest that this year, you make a resolution that's not difficult, will bring you great satisfaction, and will support career success: a wardrobe update. Here's how to get it done without getting stressed:
  1. Restock the basics. Your go-to shirts will be the first to fray at the collar and cuffs. Replenishing your supply of white and blue shirts will ensure you always have your most dependable options available.
  2. Embrace new colors. Expand your color choices in whichever palette works best for you, including light, medium, and dark shades of your favorite colors.
  3. Enjoy subtle textures. Weave patterns and a variety of natural fibers can bring a fresh look to your clothing, whether used for a sport coat, a working-week suit, or for shirts designed for a night on the town.
  4. Accentuate. The easiest way to improve the visual appeal of your wardrobe is by adding a few well-chosen accent pieces, including ties, pocket squares, a watch, and a tie bar.
  5. Broaden your foundation. Invest in another pair of dress shoes-it's amazing how easily a different shoe style or color can give your ensemble a quick pick-me-up.

Start now to freshen your wardrobe, and soon you'll have at least one resolution that you can check off your list.


Keeping your image polished and up-to-date is an important part of being a professional. You can maintain a fantastic wardrobe without it becoming a hassle with this easy 90/10 system.


Every 90 days, go through your business wardrobe. Look at every piece and evaluate it based on fabric quality and coloring, fit, and general appearance. Take the bottom 10 percent, and donate it to a charity. (If there is one in your area, consider a charity which helps provide interview clothes to job seekers.)

Next, replace the discarded 10 percent of your wardrobe with a garment which is slightly better quality than your

best pieces of clothing. Rather than simply adding more pieces of clothing to your closet, you're improving your wardrobe with each clothing investment. 


This 90/10 system doesn't require huge, expensive shopping trips or a large time commitment. Instead, you gradually build up a wardrobe that is not only professional-looking and current but includes clothing that is of better quality than you're used to. There's no easier image boost than an improvement in your wardrobe.


Check in with us when you're ready to update your shirts, suits, ties, or tailored casual wear.

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