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May 17, 2016

GGRWHC Board of Directors

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Jo Ellyn Clarey
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Ruth Van Stee 
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Ruth Van Stee Wins the 2016 Baxter Award 

" I believe she shows the passion for her work that we value in choosing a deserving recipient for this award."
(John Gelderloos and Alan Bennett, for the Grand Rapids Historical Society board of trustees.)

Ruth Van Stee, presently the secretary of the GGRWHC, is the recipient of this year's Baxter Award, presented at the Grand Rapids Historical Society's spring banquet on May 12.  The award honors persons who have made significant contributions to the preservation and interpretation of Grand River Valley history. Created by the GRHS in 1980, it is named in honor of Albert Baxter, author of the 1891 History of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  
For over twenty years Ruth Van Stee worked for the Grand Rapids Public Library, primarily among its local history and archival holdings. She specialized in African American collections and an extensive women's newspaper clippings collection. In working with the
resources there, she "discovered" a small but culturally rich African American community in early Grand Rapids history and women who were engaged with social justice issues and the economy in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Little was included about either group in earlier comprehensive histories of Grand Rapids.
From 1999 to 2009, she worked with the Grand Rapids Historical Society, serving as its administrative assistant, secretary, and newsletter editor; and since 2012 she has served as board secretary for the Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council.

Over the years Van Stee has conducted numerous presentations on Grand Rapids Public Library's resources, particularly at Grand Valley State University's Great Lakes History Conference, introducing an African American newspaper clippings collection and "war in the archives." She has presented on diverse topics to civic groups, college classes, regional conferences, and historical societies. Among them: "A Fresh Look at the Work of Women and Their Contributions to the Economy of Grand Rapids, 1890-1930," " African Americans in Early Grand Rapids History to 1930," "A Suffragist Spring: Taking Over the Grand Rapids Press in 1914,"  and "Spirited Women: Women in Temperance and Prohibition in Grand Rapids."

Other Women
Van Stee is the 37th person to receive this award, and the twelfth woman.  Previous women to receive this award, most of whom were or are members of the Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council,  are:
Sister Marie Heyda, 1981
Barbara Roelofs, 1986
Mary Ann Edmond, 1988
Mary Jane Dockeray, 1990
Evelyn Sawyer, 1993
Jane Hibbard Idema, 1997
Jo Ellyn Clarey, 1999
Marcia Butgereit, along with her husband Bruce, 2004
Diana Barrett, 2008
Rebecca Smith Hoffman, 2011
Loki Boersma, along with her husband Henry, 2014  

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