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Aug. 1, 2020 
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Greetings -

I continue to hope you and yours are doing as well as possible during these strangest of times. 

And I continue to appreciate your interest in Bay Area bluegrass and old time music events, despite the fact that such events have to be experienced from home these days.
I've listed all the online concerts and lessons I know in this newsletter, and greatly appreciate updates and corrections.

There's also a list of (and links to) some recommended Pandemic Performances archived on YouTube. Among recent delights: the California Bluegrass Association's Turn Your Radio OnLINE five-week series, the two days of P orch Pride, and Joe Weed's "Waltz Violindo" performed by 32 musicians from around the world. Check 'em out!

And please visit the Bluegrass Signal web site for updates, playlists, and a number of items and articles of interest to bluegrass and old time music fans.

Be safe & be well -
Bluegrass Signal       

Broadcast Saturdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm on  KALW   (91.7 FM in the Bay Area)

- All KALW local music programs are archived for one week and can be heard on demand. Just go  HERE and select 'Bluegrass Signal' to hear that week's show.  
- Every Saturday on KALW, there are two other acoustic music-based programs broadcast before Bluegrass Signal: Folk Music & Beyond (with JoAnn Mar and others at 3 pm) and A Patchwork Quilt (with Kevin Vance at 5 pm).

For the last few months, I've been editing and packaging sessions originally recorded live at KALW (between 1999 and last fall) and rebroadcasting some outstanding music and conversation for the first time. Through the end of June, there have been programs with AJ Lee & Blue Summit, Bearcat Stringband, The Crooked Jades, Dix Bruce & Julie Cline, Fog Holler, Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum, Matt & George & Their Pleasant Valley Boys, The Mighty Crows, North Country Blue Duo, The Picks (a Handsome Ladies jam band), The Quale Brothers, Ray Bierl, Richard Brandenburg & Lucy Salcido Carter, Skillet Licorice, The Stairwell Sisters, Thompsonia, Wendy Burch Steel & Redwood, Wildcat Mountain Ramblers, and Windy Hill. Whew! 

The Live At KALW series continues in August with these sessions ...

Aug. 1: The Tuttle Family and The Barefoot Nellies (both on Oct. 22, 2008)

Aug. 8: The Kathy Kallick Band ( May 10, 2003)  and Amy & Hailey (Oct. 13, 2018)

Aug. 15: The very first On-Air Folk Festival with Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin, High Country, the "sacred steel" of the Campbell Brothers with Denise Brown, and others (Aug. 21, 1999).

Aug. 22 & beyond: The Webster Sisters with Scott Nygaard, Blue & Lonesome, The Secret Life Of Banjos, Thompsonia, The Stairwell Sisters, others

Concerts and Lessons 
From Home

Archived performances

March 15-April 26:  Evie Ladin & Keith Terry 's Sunday Salon - plus April 28: Evie & Keith's UKan't Tour Special 

March 21:  AJ Lee & Blue Summit

April 4:  Berkeley Bluegrass Festival performers, including Alice Gerrard, Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis, and Tatiana Hargreaves.

April 10:  Miles & Teo Quale

April 14 ff (weekly show):  Eric & Suzy Thompson / Thompsonia

April 25: Bill Evans -  The Banjo In America

Laurie Lewis - song a day series

The CBA's  Turn Your Radio OnLINE #1 - Crying Uncle; The BettyJacks; Frank Solivan; Bill Evans' banjo mini-lesson

The CBA's  Turn Your Radio OnLINE #2 - The Kody Norris Show; The GillyGirls; The Plaid Strangers; John Reischman's mandolin mini-lesson 

The CBA's  Turn Your Radio OnLINE #3 - The Kathy Kallick Band; Solid Gold Stranger; Green Mountain Bluegrass; Boston Ravine; Greg Blake's guitar mini-lesson

The  CBA's Turn Your Radio OnLINE #4 - Joe Newberry & April Verch; Pacific Drive; Tony Kamel; North Country Blue; David Bragger's fiddle mini-lesson

The CBA's Turn Your  Radio ONLINE #5 - Peter Rowan; Molly Tuttle; Thompsonia; The Bucking Mules; Laurie Lewis; AJ Lee & Blue Summit; Della Mae; Special Consensus; Lonesome River Band; Leroy Troy; Rose Valley Thorns; Scott Gates

Porch Pride - Day 1  -  Rachel Eddy; Karen Pittelman; Rachel Baiman & George Jackson;  Tyler Hughes; Cameron DeWhitt; Jake Blount & The Vox Hunters;  Nic Gareiss; Joe Troop; Alice Gerrard;  Allison de Groot & Patrick M'Gonigle; Front Country; Molly Tuttle

Porch Pride - Day 2 -   Noa Laniakea;  Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose;  Brandon Godman;  Grace van't Hof;  Tatiana Hargreaves & Reed Stutz;  Justin Hiltner;  Maddie Witler;  Sam Gleave;  Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer;  Kimber Ludiker & Avril Smith;  Amythyst Kiah

Joe Weed's "Waltz Violindo"  performed by 32 musicians from around the world, including Joe Weed, Marty Kendall, Martino Coppo, Calvin Vollrath, the Quale Family, Charlie McCoy, Missy Raines, Ben Surratt, Beverly Smith, Tony Williamson, Katie Weed, Larry Chung, Matt Dudman, Tony Phillips, Chip Curry, Chris Jong, ...

Day/time = new presentations; all are also archived and available on demand

Tuesdays (4 pm): Eric & Suzy Thompson, often with  Allegra Thompson

Saturdays (5 pm): Freight & Salvage concerts

Sundays (~10:00 am):  AJ Lee & Blue Summit jam


Aug.  2 (1-4 pm): Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association Monthly Jam w/ 10 socially distanced, masked musicians  jamming in a local park. The entire event will be broadcast on Zoom; attendees may request a tune, then mute and play along with the live group.  Sign ups:

Aug. 9 (7 pm): Old Time  Shred Sesh via  Zoom hosted by David Brown & Associates

Aug. 15 (5 pm): Bruce Molsky -  Freight & Salvage  concerts -  Freight At Home

Aug. 30 (3 - 4:30 pm):  Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association Virtual Celebrity Fiddle Workshop and Jam w/ Suzy and Eric Thompson; links TBD. Info:


The current series of  Freight & Salvage classes  include ones taught by Evie Ladin ( Clawhammer Banjo for the Rank Beginner and  Clawhammer Banjo Slow Repertoire Building) and Richard Brandenburg ( Singing From Inside the Song,  Flatpicking Fundamentals, and  Expand Your Bluegrass/Country Repertoire. They'll return -- with others -- for the next series of classes from the week of Sept. 7th through the week of Oct. 12th.

Aug. 3 (4 pm):  KIDS LEARN TO PLAY   Fiddle Hour ONLINE (Advanced) w/ Miguel Govea and Leah Wollenberg

- Mon/Wed/Fri (4 pm): Fiddles at Four on Zoom w/ Suzy Thompson 
- Wed (7 pm): Structure of Music Class on Zoom (8 weeks) w/ Avram Siegel <>
- Tues/Wed: Bernal Jam Workshop online Zoom jams w/ Richard Brandenburg <>
Jack Tuttle offers ONLINE classes in all the bluegrass instruments, but not, at this time, his jam classes.

Email other instructors to explore online teaching possibilities:
- Dix Bruce <>
- Evie Ladin <> 
- Suzy Thompson <>

Flatpicking Fun w/ Eric Thompson (course intro archived from 5/12 show)

Bluegrass & Old Time 
Radio Stations & Programs

THIS LIST of 78 programs and 11 stations is based on the recommendations of other listeners as well as my own experiences and research.  Please send additional suggestions to <>, and I'll add them.

And please   note that some programming is not be available because of station  closures in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Additional coverage of this project can be found in the 4-7-20 Bluegrass Today

Bluegrass Signal
on Bluegrass Country

Bluegrass Signal broadcasts -- new shows on Fridays (6 pm), then rebroadcasts Mondays (11 pm) and Tuesdays (midnight), all times EASTERN -- are available  HERE.

Bluegrass Country also has an  ARCHIVE PLAYER. Just pick the date and (Eastern) time of broadcast, and you can listen to  Bluegrass Signal (or any of the other 33 shows on at your convenience for two weeks after the initial broadcast.                         

July 31 - Aug. 6: The Fire Next Time
Host Allegra Thompson explores some of the Black roots of Carter Family songs as well as the John Henry/John Hardy body of songs, which also have African-American origins and connections.

Aug. 7-13: Black Music Matters
Host Peter Thompson surveys (mostly) contemporary recordings by Black musicians, spotlighting original compositions as well as the reclaiming of traditional material.

Aug. 14-20: Lonesome Road Blues
Host Peter Thompson presents an interview with and the music of African-American mandolinist Richie Brown, co-Director of IBMA's recently-established Arnold Schultz Fund. Also included: Bill Monroe recordings influenced by Schultz, and songs originating with Black musicians which are now common in bluegrass.

Aug. 21-27: Across the Tracks 
New releases, with a special emphasis on duos and duets.

Aug. 28 - Sept. 3: Across the Tracks 
New releases, presented in (more or less) thematic sets.

Be well!
Bluegrass Signal   PLAYLISTS
Theme (except as noted) -
JOHN REISCHMAN: Bluegrass Signal/Up In the Woods (Corvus/99; reissued 2018)

Thanks, John!!  


Please visit the  Bluegrass Signal website for the June and July p laylists.