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Shavuot, which begins next Tuesday evening, commemorates the giving of the Torah to Moses at Mount Sinai and the culmination of the Omer, a 49 day/7-week period that begins on Passover (Shavuot means "weeks" in Hebrew).
A story is told that when the Torah was given to the children of Israel, they overslept, missing the big event.  A tradition of all-night learning on Shavuot developed to redress that initial misstep.
Whatever the reasons, the Shavuot all-night learning session, known as a Tikkun Leyl (or Leil) Shavuot, has become an increasingly popular occasion for late-night gatherings of Jewish learning.
Below, we've compiled a short list of community Shavuot learning events on Tuesday May 30th.  Your congregation may also be hosting a learning event, we encourage you to check.

East Bay
29 at the East Bay JCC, 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley, 6 PM until Dawn.
South Peninsula
Tikkun Leil Shavuot 5777  is a communal night of learning at Congregation Kol Emeth, 4175 Manuela Ave, Palo Alto.  Children's Programming beginning at 7:30, Adult Program begins at 8:45 pm.
San Francisco
Several congregations in San Francisco are hosting Shavuot learning programs (check with your congregation).  In the Sunset District, four congregations are collaborating on a Tikkun Leyl Shavuot  from 7 to 11 pm at Beth Israel Judea & Or Shalom Community, 625 Brotherhood Way.

More Opportunities lists several events throughout the Bay Area on their updated calendar.  l ists other Shavuot learning opportunities, including several congregational programs, as well as Chabad, Wilderness Torah, and Osher Marin JCC.  

As it commemorates the giving of the Torah, Shavuot represents the culmination of our liberation and redemption from slavery, beginning with Passover and ending at Shavuot.  What better way to celebrate than to learn together!

Chag Shavuot Sameach - Happy Shavuot!
From all of us at Jewish LearningWorks
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