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Funding Available to Help Communities Plant Trees
The Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission has received $300,000 with two Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants from the U.S. Forest Service to assist communities, counties, and tribes with planting trees to mitigate Emerald Ash Borer impacts and reduce runoff.

The funding will be available to all Wisconsin jurisdictions within the Great Lakes Basin. Funded projects will be selected through a subgrant process utilizing an advisory panel made up of representatives from the Wisconsin DNR, Bay-Lake RPC, East Central Wisconsin RPC, North Central Wisconsin RPC, Northwestern Wisconsin RPC, and Southeastern Wisconsin RPC.
We anticipate releasing the subgrant request for proposals in February 2018. More information will be available in future E-Newsletters.

Please contact  Angela Kowalzek-Adrians , Natural Resources Planner, if you have any questions or comments.
Concluding the 2017 BLRPC Technical Assistance Grants
Under the Bay-Lake RPC 2017 Technical Assistance Grants, two projects were chosen this spring.  Below is an update on the progress of the  projects.
  • Amsterdam DunesSheboygan County, Davis-Bacon reporting that is required under grant funding for the Amsterdam Dunes Restoration project. Two visits were made to the project site and employees were interviewed regarding their pay. Following the interviews, the wages and job classifications were compared to certified payroll reports and the federal wage rates for the project.  This process ensures that employees are properly compensated for their work.
  • An Official Map has been prepared for the Village of Pound and will be delivered to the Village by the end of the month.

We anticipate continuing to offer this program in the coming years as a value-added benefit to the member counties and communities of the Bay-Lake RPC. Look for information in the next couple of months regarding the 2018 Technical Assistance application period. 


Please contact Angela Kowalzek-Adrians for additional information.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Update
An Economic Development Advisory Committee has been formed, and will be meeting on Thursday, December 14th.  This committee will provide input on the overall development of the CEDS document and complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) exercise at a regional level. Participants will be providing information on the state of their local economies, identify regional economic needs or issues, and to develop a strategy-driven plan for regional economic development.

If you would like more information, or wish to attend the next meeting in January 2018, please contact Madison Smith or Elizabeth Runge.
Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
The Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Area Transportation Improvement Program (TIP): Calendar Years 2018 - 2021 has been posted to the Commission's website and has been transmitted to all members of the Sheboygan MPO Technical and Policy Advisory Committees.  The 2018 - 2021 TIP can be found on our website .

The Commission adopted Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) 2018 performance measure targets for the Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Area at its December meeting. These targets were recommended for approval by the Sheboygan MPO Technical and Policy Advisory Committees at their December joint meeting. The targets were developed after several months of analysis, and were recently submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Commission staff presented the preliminary draft of the 2017 annual report on transportation system performance indicators at the December joint meeting of the MPO advisory committees. A few items need to be added to the report before it is finalized (such as park-and- ride demand usage in December 2017, as well as 2017 pavement rating information for local streets and roads). Commission staff intends to present the final report to the MPO advisory committees in January. 
Please contact Jeff Agee-Aguayo for additional information.
Upcoming Events/Meetings
December 14, 2017, 10AM
BLRPC Economic Development Advisory Committee Meeting
BLRPC Office, Green Bay, WI
Available Grant Opportunities 
The following is a list of upcoming grant opportunities and their due dates. Please contact the Commission if you have a project idea, or need assistance with preparing or administering a grant, or if you are interested in partnering with the Commission on a project.

BayCare Clinic Foundation
Charles Stuart Mott Foundation
CN Stronger Communities Fund
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Environmental Research & Education Foundation
Georgia-Pacific Foundation
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Lawrence Foundation Grants
Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Grants
NFL Foundation
Patagonia Environmental Grants
US Soccer Foundation Grant
Wisconsin DNR Recreational Boating Facilities Grants
Wisconsin Tourism Grants

Please contact Angela Kowalzek-Adrians for any links that are not working properly.  Thank you!