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Cindy Wojtczak
Executive Director

Angela Kowalzek-Adrians
Natural Resources Planner

Brandon Robinson
Community Assistance Planner

Elizabeth Runge
Community Assistance Planner
Ext. 107

Jeffrey Agee-Aguayo
Transportation Planner

Joshua Schedler

GIS Coordinator
Ext. 104

Madison Smith
Community Assistance Planner
Ext. 108

Nicole Barbiaux
Graphic Specialist
Ext. 109
Two New Staff Additions to the 
Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission
We are delighted to welcome Elizabeth Runge and Nicole Barbiaux to the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission. Elizabeth will provide community planning assistance and Nicole will provide GIS graphical support.
Elizabeth has a Master's degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, Iowa. She has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, also from Iowa. Elizabeth has previous experience at regional planning commissions, focusing on economic development and community development planning.  Additionally, Elizabeth has worked in consulting focusing on plannin g and project funding.  
Nicole graduated from the U niversity of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in 2010 with a degree in GIS and Human Geography. Since graduating, she has held GIS related positions in the forestry, utility, local government, and planning industry. Nicole has experience in GIS management, cartography, spatial analysis, and graphical representation.
Please welcome them to the Bay-Lake RPC by contacting Elizabeth at or (920) 448-2820, Ext. 107; and Nicole at or Ext. 109.
Town of Brazeau Park Design
The Town of Brazeau has designated two sites within the town for park space.  The town will work with the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission to create park design renderings, or concept plans, for the two spaces. The designs will help create a vision for the future spaces, and help the town illustrate to community members, and future contractors, a rendering of how the space can be utilized. The concept designs will evaluate existing environmental conditions of the land, analyze needs and desires, develop a realistic vision, and help guide alignment to existing plans. Opportunities to engage the public and other stakeholders will be infused throughout the planning process (including an open house).  

The planning process behind concept designs involves creating a space that positively shapes lifestyle, and constructs an enjoyable new public realm to be used by current and future generations. If you have questions about site design, or this project in particular, please contact Madison Smith.
Florence County 
Outdoor Recreation Plan Update
In the coming months, the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission will be working with the Florence County Forestry and Parks Department to update the Florence County Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. The current plan was developed in 2006. The plan update will provide an overall picture of recreation needs for Florence County, and will include a current inventory and evaluation of County parks, trails, and open space facilities; an analysis of current demographics; and provide a comparison of County recreation parks and open spaces with park and open space standards. The plan will also include an analysis of how the plan integrates and coordinates with the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan to ensure eligibility in WDNR recreation grant opportunities. The project will conclude with a current, adopted, and WDNR-approved outdoor recreation plan in late summer 2018.

Please contact Angela Kowalzek-Adrians for additional information.
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Update
The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) met on December 14, 2017, and began completing a regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) exercise.  Participants will meet again on January 11, 2018, to complete this exercise; review and modify regional goals, strategies, and performance measures; and review submitted local prioritized projects. This will likely be the final EDAC meeting for the current CEDS update, and is a key component in the CEDS report.  A collaborative effort between private and public entities is needed to construct a regional framework that will allow the area to grow in a resilient, sustainable, and innovative direction. If you would like to attend the upcoming meeting or have questions, please contact   Madison Smith or Elizabeth Runge .
Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
2018 will be a busy year for the Sheboygan MPO program.  The update to the Year 2045 Sheboygan Area Transportation Plan (SATP) needs to be adopted by May 2019, so a significant amount of effort will go into this update in 2018, including: completion of several chapters of the plan; development of goals and objectives for the plan; travel forecast modeling of current and future conditions; testing potential planned projects with the travel demand forecast model; demonstration of fiscal constraint of plan recommendations; and demonstration of plan conformity with the state's air quality implementation plan (SIP) as it applies to Sheboygan County.

Other significant MPO activities in 2018 will include: discussion and coordination of performance measurements that come from recent federal surface transportation legislation (including working to align the Year 2045 SATP with USDOT performance management rules); processing of amendments to the 2018 - 2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP); preparation of the 2019 - 2022 TIP; and completion of a transit development program (TDP) update for Shoreline Metro (once WisDOT has approved the contract for the TDP update). 
Please contact Jeff Agee-Aguayo for additional information.
Upcoming Events/Meetings
January 11, 2018 @ 10AM
Economic Development Advisory Committee Meeting
ADRC, Green Bay

January 25, 2018 @ 1PM
Sheboygan MPO Technical and Policy Advisory Committees Joint Meeting

January 26, 2018 @ 10AM
BLRPC Executive Committee meeting
BLRPC office, Green Bay

February 6, 2018 
US Census LUCA Local Government Training

Available Grant Opportunities 
The following is a list of upcoming grant opportunities and their due dates. Please contact the Commission if you have a project idea, or need assistance with preparing or administering a grant, or if you are interested in partnering with the Commission on a project.

BayCare Clinic Foundation
Charles Stuart Mott Foundation
CN Stronger Communities Fund
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Environmental Research & Education Foundation
Georgia-Pacific Foundation
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Lawrence Foundation Grants
Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Grants
NFL Foundation
Patagonia Environmental Grants
US Soccer Foundation Grant
Wisconsin DNR Recreational Boating Facilities Grants
Wisconsin Tourism Grants

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