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Transportation Planner

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Bay-Lake RPC Welcomes 
New Commissioner, Marc Holsen!
On October 20, 2016, Marc Holsen was appointed by Governor Scott Walker to be the newest Commissioner to the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission. Mr. Holsen will be representing Manitowoc County with a term that runs until October 2, 2022.  He currently resides in the City of Manitowoc, where he is a Manitowoc County Highway Commissioner.

Mr. Holsen has been with Manitowoc County as road superintendent since 2014. He also worked for the county as part of the bridge crew in 2008 and 2009. Other positions include four years with the United States Marine Corps, two years as Kewaunee County highway superintendent, and nine years at various private-sector companies.  Mr. Holsen holds a Master's degree in operations management from UW-Stout, a Bachelor's degree in project management, and an associate's degree in computer drafting and design. 

Mr. Holsen will replace Donald Markwardt as the representative for Manitowoc County.  Mr. Markwardt retired from the Commission this year after being on the Commission for 24 years.
GLRI Phragmites Management 
Project Update
First of all, we would like to thank Amy Carrozzino-Lyon for all of the hard work she put into the GLRI Phragmites management project over the last year. Now that the treatment season has come to an end, we have sadly had to part with Amy. She has contributed immensely to a successful season of Phragmites management and we were very fortunate to have had her assistance.

Chemical treatments of Phragmites has concluded for the season with great results. Nearly 800 acres of Invasive Phragmites  has been treated  in the project area. Mowing of the treated areas is now underway in most of the project area, and will be completed by spring. Follow-up chemical treatments will begin in August 2017 for any returning Phragmites or areas missed.

For more information on the Phragmites projetct, contact Angela Kowalzek-Adrians

The Phragmites Information Hotline (920-430-0220) will be regularly updated with a recorded message about the treatment schedule and progress.  
MarshMaster with Mowing Attachment

In the news!

WLUK Fox 11 (10/20/2016): Phragmites cutting in Green Bay by Eric Peterson
WBAY ABC 2 (9/14/2016): Full-scale assault begins on invasive grass in Brown County by Jeff Alexander
WLUK Fox 11 (8/31/2016):  Phragmites sprayed in Green Bay area  by Eric Peterson 
WLUK Fox 11 (8/23/2016):  Phragmites to be sprayed in Green Bay area   by Eric Peterson 
Green Bay Press-Gazette (7/26/2016):  Green Bay is 'ground zero' for invasive reeds  by Adam Rodewald
Need Help with an Upcoming 
Public Meeting?
The staff of the Bay-Lake RPC has decades of experience in  facilitating meetings and  holding open houses, public informational meetings, and public hearings.  

If you have an upcoming meeting for which you are anticipating a larger turnout than you have staff to manage, do not hesitate to give us a call at (920)448-2820 or email any of our staff. We will do our best to accommodate your request. There will be no charge to any of our member counties or communities  for this assistance.

Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
The Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Area Transportation Improvement Program (TIP): Calendar Years 2017 - 2020 was recommended for approval by the Sheboygan MPO Technical and Policy Advisory Committees at their joint meeting on October 27th following a 30 day public comment period (including a public hearing on October 26th).  The Commission approved the 2017 - 2020 TIP at a meeting of its Executive Committee on October 28th.  Commission staff is in the process of editing the final 2017 - 2020 TIP, which will be transmitted to pertinent Federal and state agency staff and posted to the MPO webpage soon.  Distribution of the final 2017 - 2020 TIP to members of the MPO advisory committees is expected to take place at their joint meeting in early December.

The 2017 Sheboygan Metropolitan Planning Area Transportation Planning Work Program was also recommended for approval by the Sheboygan MPO Technical and Policy Advisory Committees at their joint meeting on October 27th.  Commission staff reviewed the draft MPO Work Program in detail with WisDOT and USDOT staff on October 21st, and the Commission approved it on October 28th.  Commission staff is also in the process of editing the final MPO Work Program, which will be transmitted to pertinent Federal and state agency staff soon and posted to the MPO webpage as soon as it has been authorized by WisDOT and USDOT. 
Commission staff released the draft 2016 Public Participation Plan Update for the MPO for a 45 day public comment period on October 7th.  This public comment period will run through November 23rd. The Commission is scheduled to take action on the document at its meeting in early December.  The draft 2016 Public Participation Plan Update for the MPO and the public comment period announcement can be found here.

Other items in which the Commission's MPO staff has been involved include recent updating of the Title VI Non-Discrimination Agreement between the WisDOT and the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission, as well as updating of the Cooperative Agreement for Continuing Transportation Planning for the Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Metropolitan Area between WisDOT, the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission, and Shoreline Metro.

Please contact Jeff Agee-Aguayo for additional information.
County Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation 
Plan Updates
Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plans are required to be completed in counties in the region adjacent to Lake Michigan in 2016.  Commission staff has been working on these plans for its three member counties along Lake Michigan (Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Kewaunee).

Commission staff presented the draft plan for Manitowoc County to that county's Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) on October 11th.  Commission staff presented the draft plan for Sheboygan County to that county's TCC on October 12th.  Both of these plans have been edited based on comments received at these TCC meetings, and will be submitted to WisDOT soon.  The draft plan for Kewaunee County will be presented to that county's TCC in early December, then will be edited based on comments received and submitted to WisDOT by the end of December.   

Please contact Jeff Agee-Aguayo for additional information.
Upcoming Events/Meetings
December 9, 2016
Full Commission Meeting
Location TBD, Green Bay, WI
Available Grant Opportunities 
The following is a list of upcoming grant opportunities and their due dates. Please contact the Commission if you have a project idea, or need assistance with preparing or administering a grant, or if you are interested in partnering with the Commission on a project.

BayCare Clinic Foundation Grants
Ben & Jerry's Foundation Grants Cedar Tree Foundation Grants
Charles Stuart Mott Foundation Environmental Grants Cornell Douglas Foundation Grants
CN Stronger Communities Fund Costco Wholesale Grants
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation EcoTech Grants - The Captain Planet Foundation
Environmental Research & Education Foundation Grants Gannett Foundation Grants
Georgia-Pacific Foundation Grants ING Foundation Grants
International Paper Grants Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant
Kinder Morgan Foundation Grants Kodak American Greenways Grants
Laura Jane Musser Fund Lawrence Foundation Grants
Lego Children's Fund Grants MeadWestvaco Foundation Grants
Meetings Mean Business! Grant Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Grants
MLB Baseball Tomorrow Fund Patagonia Environmental Grants
RGK Foundation Education Fund Rockefeller Family Fund
US Soccer Foundation Grant
Waste Management Charitable Giving

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