Volume 1 No. 6
This year the Arbor Preparatory High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan was ranked in the Top Ten Michigan Schools, as well as #538 nationally on the U.S. News' annual ranking of the best high schools. View full list here.

Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office authorized Arbor Preparatory High School, mainly known as Arbor Prep in the year 2011. This is the first year that Arbor Prep has made the Top Ten Michigan Schools list.
The U.S. news, with the help of social service research firm RTI, reviewed about 20,000 high schools to come up with their national and state rankings. The top ranking schools have students performing better than statistically expected on their state exams. The school's black, Hispanic and low-income students perform better than similar students statewide. The schools also have high graduation rates and a high rate of participation in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses.
Twenty AP Courses

Arbor Prep offers 20 AP Courses, and the class of 2015 was 100% College Accepted. Their mission is to prepare each student for college success and their vision is to educate, support, and guide students through a few of the most exciting and impressionable years of their lives. The school's end objective is three-fold: high school graduation, college acceptance, and enthusiastic students, thoughtfully prepared for vocational success in their communities and their world. Arbor Prep expects a lot from the students and their parents. The school's enthusiastic staff, teachers, and administrators present challenging curriculum that encourages students to achieve a high level of excellence. This correlates directly to college entrance. They also focus on moral character, believing that character development is vital to growth and success.

Each year the Michigan Association of Public Charter Schools (MAPSA) releases a "Top 5 MichiganCharter School Teacher & Administrator of the Year" list, and this year an administrator at the Bay Mills authorized West Michigan Aviation Academy was awarded a top spot.
George Pavey, the Dean of Aviation at the unique charter school that calls Grand Rapids home, was selected as a finalist by MAPSA.
Mr. Pavey is a retired Marine Corps Officer and Naval Aviator. He was commissioned through the NROTC Scholarship Program at the University of Michigan while graduating from Eastern Michigan University in 1992 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics.
Having excelled in the training and education aspect of naval aviation, Mr. Pavey was selected to participate in the Marine Corps Advance Degree Program. He attended Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated with a Master's Degree in Education. His final active duty assignment was with the Marine Corps University as an Academic Curriculum Advisor and the Deputy Director for the Information and Educational Technology Directorate.
Mr. Pavey joined the West Michigan Aviation Academy as the Dean of Aviation in 2012 and relays the passion of aviation onto students, faculty, and administrators everyday.
May 2nd 2017: Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Spring Workshops for Boards and School Leaders at the Okemos Conference Center 
About Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools
Bay Mills Community College began authorizing charter schools in the year 2000 and now authorizes 42 schools serving approximately 22,000 students. Fall 2015: 22,729 and Spring 2016: 22,257
Our Mission: To ensure a quality education for urban, minority, and/or poor children by improving and expanding educational opportunities through innovative oversight methods. To provide academy boards with the necessary support and training so that they may make educated decisions that are in the best interest of the students that attend their academies.