Volume 2 No. 11
On July 16th in Grand Rapids, several Bay Mills authorized Charter Schools were awarded with top honors from National Heritage Academies (NHA), one of the nation's largest charter school management companies, at their annual Eagle Awards Ceremony.
Bay Mills is proud of these faculty and students for all their hard work. As an authorizer, Bay Mills strives to provide the best education to every student and we congratulate our schools for this achievement of greatness.
At the ceremony, the following Bay Mills authorized schools were given awards:
2018 Student Enrollment:   Outstanding count day enrollment and average daily membership results at or above the 90th percentile.

2018 Employee Engagement:  Glint employee engagement index score the 90th percentile or higher on the spring employee survey.


NHA School of Excellence: Schools are measured on the following factors:

Academic Results
  • Academic Proficiency:  Percent of students proficient on the 2016-17 state reading and math assessments compared to schools statewide that serve a similar free and reduced lunch population. 
  • Academic Growth:  Measured based on the state-specific student growth standards from the 2016-17 results. 
Financial Results
  • Student Enrollment The percentage of students enrolled on Count Day as determined by the measurement dates outlined in the principal bonus plan for 2016-17. 
  • NHA Annual Daily Membership (ADM): The school's ending ADM relative to the lesser of the school's enrollment as defined by the fall enrollment measurement dates or the school's offered capacity.
NHA School of Excellence 4.5 Star:



NHA School of Excellence-5 Star:


We would also like to congratulate our nominees for the NHA's Founders Award who made it to the Top 5 (Fortis Academy, Prevail Academy, and Triumph Academy). While they did not receive the award, it is still an honor to be nominated.
Rendering of the new Mildred C. Wells school building (source: www.heraldpalladium.com)

Talk about starting the new school year off on the right foot! After much anticipation, Mildred C. Wells Preparatory Academy has officially moved out of their temporary portable classrooms and into a brick & mortar facility in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

The former Dream Academy in Benton Harbor will be the new home to Mildred C. Wells Preparatory Academy (source: www.heraldpalladium.com
Moving into the former Dream Academy will give the school the room it needs to grow and flourish. The new facility can hold around 300 students, while the former portable classrooms could barely accommodate 200. Students will no longer have to eat lunch at their desk, be bused to a separate area for gym class, or go outside to travel to their different classes.

A large multipurpose room is one of the advantages of Mildred C. Wells Preparatory Academy
 (source: www.heraldpalladium.com
The former Dream Academy building has undergone a complete makeover to accommodate the younger students. Inside the school, everything from the floor to the windows has been replaced. They even added special bathrooms for the kindergarten students to use. On the outside, students will be thrilled to explore the extra playground area and green space. Parents will also be happy to hear they have expanded the parking lot to accommodate additional parking.

Mildred C. Wells is excited to show incoming students for the 2018-2019 school year the new building. Amy Johnson, who is on the Board of Directors for the school said, "This [building] is going to feel more like our home school and something they can be proud of".
Mildred C. Wells was authorized by Bay Mills in 2005, and opened its doors that fall.

Since 1999 when its first student graduated, Presque Isle Academy (P.I.A.) has been helping at-risk high schoolers achieve their goal of graduating high school . The school never gives up a student, saying "the Academy is for kids who don't want to quit but need a different approach for learning."

The school offers GED preparation and testing in the event a student becomes too old and is "aged out" of the public school system, ensuring that no student is left behind. It offers flexibility for those that have to work during regular school hours, and also offers an elective credit through their "school-to-work" program.

Their mission is to focus on what each and every student needs, using "innovative and responsive educational experiences" to push the boundary forward. Their blended learning model allows the student to either work with a teacher in a classroom environment, at their own pace in a computer lab, or a mix of both. At the end of each wee k, the student must pass a post-test with at least an 80 percent efficiency. There is no failing, but credit will not be given until all modules are passed for a course.

P.I.A. helps advance those who work towards their high school diploma, offering an environment that helps
students realize the importance of completing the first phase of their education. The school also created a "family" environment and encourages positive engagement within their community.
P.I.A. prides itself on benefiting the student. According to a survey, without the school, some 30 percent of students would be unable to complete their education. Allowing the students the ability to succeed, and possibly work harder than they had ever previously, is a noble objective and something that the school takes pride in.
Authorized by Bay Mills in 2016, Presque Isle Academy is located in Onaway, Michigan.

Learn more about Presque Isle Academy by visiting their website: www.presqueisleacademy.com
October 15-16, 2018: School Leaders Meeting in Bay Mills
About Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools
Bay Mills Community College began authorizing charter schools in the year 2000 and now authorizes 46 schools serving approximately 22,000 students. Fall 2015: 22,729 and Spring 2016: 22,257
Our Mission: To ensure a quality education for urban, minority, and/or poor children by improving and expanding educational opportunities through innovative oversight methods. To provide academy boards with the necessary support and training so that they may make educated decisions that are in the best interest of the students that attend their academies.