Volume 1 No. 8
The Richfield Public School Academy's mission is to create a high standard of academic excellence where all students can grow and become life-long learners. And given the recent health crises in Flint, they have also focused their efforts on caring for the health of their students and the community.
The Richfield Public School Academy in Flint, MI is one of twelve schools home to a University of Michigan Health Center as part of the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools, or "RAHS".
The Richfield RAHS gives children and youth the tools they need to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. The clinic helps provide immunizations, health and fitness programs and counseling services.

What's on site at Richfield Public School Academy:
  • General physical exams
  • Sports physicals
  • Sick care
  • Immunizations
  • Lab tests
  • Risk assessments
  • Counseling (individual, group and family)
  • Nutrition and physical activity programs
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Insurance enrollment
  • Spanish translation services
The Flint Water Crisis has affected the Richfield Public School Academy, and back in March of 2016 the school held an event where Flint parents who were worried about the city's lead contamination could bring their children for testing. The event was staffed by University of Michigan-Flint nurses and nursing students.
Photo source: umhs-rahs.org

The school offers an extended school day and academic year to allow for true mastery rather than cursory coverage of the curriculum. Richfield was authorized by Bay Mills Community College in 2002. 

Every year the website NICHE releases a list of the top charter high schools in Michigan. The website allows users to discover the schools and neighborhoods that are right for them and this year users ranked three Bay Mills charter schools in the top ten
This year the #1 Best Charter High School in Michigan is Bay Mills authorized West Michigan Aviation Academy. The #3 spot went to the Arbor Preparatory High School in Ypsilanti, with the Wellspring Preparatory High School taking the #6 spot.
NICHE rigorously analyzes dozens of public data sets and millions of reviews to create comprehensive rankings, report cards, and profiles for every k-12 school, college, and neighborhood in the U.S. 
August 14th: Board Member Training at the Okemos Conference Center in Okemos, MI 

October 9th and 10th: School Leader Training at the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Brimley, MI
About Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools
Bay Mills Community College began authorizing charter schools in the year 2000 and now authorizes 42 schools serving approximately 22,000 students. Fall 2015: 22,729 and Spring 2016: 22,257
Our Mission: To ensure a quality education for urban, minority, and/or poor children by improving and expanding educational opportunities through innovative oversight methods. To provide academy boards with the necessary support and training so that they may make educated decisions that are in the best interest of the students that attend their academies.