Volume 1 No. 2

The Frontier International Academy was opened in Detroit in 2005 serving a diverse community where a large number of students came from homes with immigrant parents who did not speak English. This language barrier resulted in a low level of parental involvement in the school, which contributed to a lack of academic success in the early years of operation.
Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office worked with school leadership to implement a transformation plan that develops teacher and school leaders effectiveness; comprehensive instructional reform strategies; extends learning and teacher planning time and parent engagement; and provides operating flexibility and sustained support
The school provides ongoing, high quality; job embedded professional development (subject specific pedagogy, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), differentiated instruction and a deeper understanding of the community served).  The Academy promotes the continuous use of individual student data (such as; formative, interim, and summative) to inform and differentiate instruction to meet individual student needs. 

The Academy provides operational flexibility (staffing, calendars, time, budgeting) to implement a comprehensive approach to substantially increase student achievement and increase graduation rate. The Academy implemented a number of strategies and initiatives such as vocabulary and academic language development, content area Instructional Learning Cycles, problem based inquiry, Inquiry Based learning, instructional coaching in content areas, Math lab, and Instructional Technology.
Frontier International Academy's graduation rates for the year 2014-2015 were at an excellent 98.85%, reporting a 0.00% dropout rate.
The Academy features a strong ESL/ELL department to assist newcomers and provides Arabic as a foreign language to students of all levels, advanced placement classes and dual enrollment for high school students. The school even offers classes for parents one night a week to help them become better mentors for their children.
The Frontier International Academy's mission is to promote lifelong learning by nurturing academic excellence, positive character and appreciation of cultures. 

The West Michigan Aviation Academy (WMAA) is one of the most unique schools in Michigan. The charter school was authorized by Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office and began its first year of operation in 2010 with a duel focus on aviation and quality education. WMAA opened its doors to 80 9th grade students that first year and added 10th, 11th and 12th grades in each subsequent year, becoming a full college preparatory high school serving grades 9-12 in the fall of 2013.
In 2012, student demand allowed the school to be expanded from a 25,000 sq. ft. renovated office space into a 42,500 sq. ft. building to accommodate new students. This new addition enabled not only expansion in space, but also in curriculum, student life, and additional aviation programs.
The school also offers its graduates unique scholarship options for students who choose to pursue a degree in aviation. One scholarship fund totals $150,000 and supports graduates attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and will last for 20 years. Another scholarship from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation gave $240,000 to WMAA, which is a $60,000 scholarship to one graduate each year from 2014-2017. 
The first graduating class at WMAA had over 400 students in the year 2014. That summer, WMAA expanded their building once again and now has the capacity for up to 150 students per grade level. In the 2016-2017 school year, WMAA's enrollment is full with over 100 students on the waiting list. 

In the 2014-2015 school year WMAA had a graduation rate of 86%, up from the previous year by approximately 22%. The total percentage of students who went on to enroll in college is 62%, which also is an improvement from the year prior by 3%.
WMAA is a tuition-free public charter high school founded by Dick DeVos upon encouragement from wife, Betsy. Stemming from their passion for education and aviation, the school is located on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.
WMAA's mission is to provide a rigorous educational program, through an aviation focus, preparing students for unlimited opportunities, including achievement, career success, and engaged citizenship.  

November 2nd:  Board training from 6-9pm at Arts & Technology Academy of Pontiac 
November 10th:   Board training from 6-9pm at Bay Mills Community College
About Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools
Bay Mills Community College began authorizing charter schools in the year 2000 and now authorizes 42 schools serving approximately 22,000 students. Fall 2015: 22,729 and Spring 2016: 22,257
Our Mission: To ensure a quality education for urban, minority, and/or poor children by improving and expanding educational opportunities through innovative oversight methods. To provide academy boards with the necessary support and training so that they may make educated decisions that are in the best interest of the students that attend their academies.