Volume 1 No. 11
The Frontier International Academy (FIA) has opened up a second campus in Warren this 2017-2018 school year with grades K-5th open for enrollment this fall, and plans to add grades 6-8th each subsequent year.   
5th grade math class at Frontier International Academy - Warren

The first FIA campus is the number two high school in the Detroit-Hamtramck area on the Michigan Department of Education's Top-to-Bottom 2015-16 Public & Charter list. The Detroit-Hamtramck campus offers multiple AP classes and moved from Priority School status to a Reward School within three years (2011-2014). Expanding to include K-8th allows FIA to create their own feeder elementary-middle school, allowing them to offer their excellent programming and instruction to students K-12th.
The Warren location was selected for the new campus as the building and land was already fit to open a school. The facilities include a full gymnasium, cafeteria and the capacity to enroll 600 students. The site is just 9 miles away from the FIA Detroit - Hamtramck campus.
Several unique programs are offered at the academy for students and parents, including: parent university, coffee with the principal, curriculum nights, family night, adult ESL classes depending on need, and 21st century after school programs and community partnerships.
What sets FIA K-5th apart from other schools is that they have developed a comprehensive kindergarten through eleventh grade standards-based Arabic curriculum focused on Michigan's 5 Cs, which are Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities.  The Arabic language courses provide students with the tools necessary to communicate in real life situations, to enhance cultural awareness and to inspire lifelong learning in a global society.
The Academy's mission is to promote lifelong learning by nurturing academic excellence, positive character and an appreciation of cultures.
The Battle Creek Area Learning Center, also known as Calhoun Community High School (CCHS), has been providing high school students in the Battle Creek area with an alternative choice for years. 

      Photo source: calhounhs.org 

The mission of Calhoun Community High School is to provide a safe, healthy, supportive learning environment for students who have not found success in traditional high schools. At CCHS all students, with the support of staff, work to achieve their academic potentials and establish life goals, which include both employment and continued learning, as they become responsible citizens in a global community. Without Calhoun Community High School, many of the students are at risk of never finishing their high school education.
"CCHS is a safe and orderly place to learn, where more one on one attention can be devoted to the students who chose our school.  We are less concerned with four-year graduation rates but very concerned that all of our students find a way to graduate at some point.  Our community knows that the community as a whole is better off with high school graduates who are prepared for the next phase of life rather than more and more high school dropouts," said Tim Allard, the Superintendent of CCHS explaining how the Battle Creek area benefits from having a choice like the Learning Center available as an option for alternative education.

      Photo source: calhounhs.org

CCHS differs from a traditional high school in various ways. They require fewer credits and offer many support services, including as much individual attention as any student might need. They are a Title I status school, and have the support systems needed to overcome truancy, discipline issues and many other factors that get in the way of their students finding success in high school.

      Photo source:  calhounhs.org

When CCHS lost its authorizer last year and was faced with the possibility of closure, the school board reached out to Bay Mills. Both the community and the school board did not want to see their program die due to a lack of a charter, and to the benefit of the students in the Battle Creek area - the mission continues. 
October 9th and 10th: School Leader Training at the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Brimley, MI
About Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools
Bay Mills Community College began authorizing charter schools in the year 2000 and now authorizes 42 schools serving approximately 22,000 students. Fall 2015: 22,729 and Spring 2016: 22,257
Our Mission: To ensure a quality education for urban, minority, and/or poor children by improving and expanding educational opportunities through innovative oversight methods. To provide academy boards with the necessary support and training so that they may make educated decisions that are in the best interest of the students that attend their academies.