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Our Mission
BayPath Elder Services, Inc.'s mission is to be a trusted partner in providing an array of services and programs to older adults, caregivers, and persons with disabilities to support their independence and dignity.

BayPath offers home care and related services enabling people to live independently and comfortably in their homes while promoting their well-being and dignity. 
Founded in 1977 as a nonprofit corporation, BayPath has nearly 40 years experience serving and advocating for the needs of older adults as a designated Massachusetts Aging Services Access Point and a designated Area Agency on Aging.  
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Our Services
Our Service Area
BayPath Elder Services, Inc. serves the following communities:

In the spotlight
Ombudsman Program volunteers display long-lasting dedication
While BayPath Ombudsman Director Mary Brooks finds the dedication of all the volunteers in her program remarkable, she noted that it's even more remarkable that the program has four who have celebrated their five-year anniversaries as volunteers.

Adele Coyne
, Maureen Setera, Alan Steinberg and Lee Zawacki have all arrived at this landmark. Judy Veinbergs will celebrate eight years later in the year, while Lori Rosen and Sonja Hicks have been at it for nine years. Then there's Pat Thompson, who has been with the Ombudsman program since 1981!

It's also worthwhile to mention that Ellen Dukes and Steinberg both visit two facilities, while Ava Zinn sees residents in three facilities. "It must be said that a significant number of these wonderful people have suffered through some very difficult times personally, taken leaves of absence, and returned to volunteer," Brooks noted. "There is no better example of resolve than this.

"We thank all BayPath volunteers because they do what they do out of pure altruism. We especially thank our group in the Ombudsman Program, those above and the others who have not been mentioned as well, they truly help those they advocate for. We literally could not do our work without them."
Welcome and congrats
BayPath continues to grow as the agency expands to meet the needs of our communities. The latest to join the team include SCO GSSC Angelina Portuense and Coleman Coach Nancy Dumart


Chipping in

Adult Family Care Case Manager Scott Dean expressed his appreciation this month for an assist from another department.


"I just wanted to thank (CDSME Coordinator) Silvia Dominguez Bodie for assisting our programs with getting a consumer signed up and the PCA to fill out the papers accurately. It is a complicated process to explain to someone the first time in English, let alone explain while actively translating for someone, so I thank her for her patience in doing so, reading certain documents top to bottom to be thorough when needed. I feel confident in the fact the family is prepared to submit timesheets correctly and be successful in the program. Thanks again."


It was just the latest example of the cooperative spirit regularly shown across departments at BayPath. 

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Caregiver Corner

continues to grow, both in the number of family caregivers using the website and in the information and resources we are offering those caregivers.

In just over 13 months since launching the site, has been visited by over 11,000 users, who have registered more than 50,000 pageviews. Caregiving MetroWest also launched a Facebook page earlier this year, and has amassed 1,149 likes in in less than five months.

One of the most exciting new sources of content on the website is our latest feature, The Wellness WallThe Wellness Wall is a regularly updated and constantly expanding source of caregiving wit and wisdom from BayPath Caregiver Specialist Alicia Rego. With the Wellness Wall, Rego provides tips, stories, quotes and much more, all related to caregiving experiences and personal insights.

Caregiving MetroWest is a BayPath program developed with support provided in part by the MetroWest Health Foundation to create a single source of on-line information, resources and support for area family caregivers.

June, 2015 

Big News for BayPath
BayPath earns dementia-friendly communities grant

BayPath Elder Services, Inc. Executive Director Christine Alessandro announced earlier this month that the MetroWest Health Foundation has accepted BayPath's proposal for Creating Dementia Friendly Communities, which will begin the process of replicating the Act on Alzheimer's initiative in Minnesota in Northborough, Marlborough and Hudson. The Foundation awarded funding of $19,956 to begin on July 1. 


This will begin the initial process of assisting these three MetroWest communities in becoming dementia friendly. A dementia-friendly community is informed, safe, and respectful of individuals with dementia and their families and caregivers, and provides supportive options that foster quality of life.

There are pockets of community-based services and programs for individuals with Alzheimer's disease in Marlborough, Hudson and Northborough.

What is lacking is an overarching community-wide approach to supporting individuals with dementia so they can remain part of the fabric of the community itself.  


Beauticians and waiters are not trained on dementia behaviors so it is difficult for an individual with Alzheimer's to have successful social interactions with them. Emergency preparedness and response personnel are not trained on how to appropriately approach an angry, agitated or confused individual with dementia.  


Alzheimer's can be a socially isolating disease for the individual. Those with the Alzheimer's may isolate themselves in their homes as to not feel or look foolish in front of the community. Isolation also occurs when individuals begin to find it difficult navigating the external environment. 


Additionally, the incidence of depression in people with dementia is higher due to social isolation. For caregivers, it may be easier to just stay home than try and explain behaviors to those who do not know or understand. We are proposing to engage communities in creating the change necessary to be dementia friendly.



BayPath's Real World Impact
The perfect moment of bringing a team together

I just want to share a wonderful moment I had last Wednesday morning with one of my Intensive Case Management clients. It was her first day of services, and from the time we started in January she has been very resistant and nervous about services starting. With some awesome teamwork from her friends and Sylvia Jahns from intake we were able to get her to agree to services.


Wednesday was the first day of services and the aide was there bright and early at 8:30 a.m. The aide was so patient with the client, and listened to all of her requests and needs. They even found out they are very similar, and share a lot of the same common interests. Throughout the two hours the client would look over and say to me, "I think we're going to get along the two of us."


Toward the end of the two hours the client and aide began to talk again. I knew there were some concerns that the client wanted to be able to communicate to the aide so I used a translator app to help. I showed the aide that she was nervous, and she looked at the client and said to her, "don't be nervous!"


The aide went onto to say that she has been doing this work for 20 years, and she loves her job. The client began to cry because she was so scared, and the aide went over to her and began to hug her, and give her a kiss. It was the most beautiful and sincere moment I have ever witnessed between two people.


The client was so happy after her aide left, and knows that with time and this aide she will begin to feel more comfortable. The ICM program is amazing, and this awesome moment just reminded me why I love this job and the work we do.


- Submitted by Dana Leavitt,

BayPath Elder Services, Inc.  

Waiver Specialist/Intensive Case Manager


Have a story to share about a client who has benefited from BayPath's services? Email to let us know about it.  

Helping Our Communities
BayPath contributing to new program in Natick

BayPath is contributing to a new community program in Natick. Home Care Senior Manager Liz Tretiak, MS, is serving on the "Emergency Preparedness Task Force" in Natick, along with the Natick Police Department, Natick Fire Department, Natick Human Services and COA, Natick Board of Health, and Town of Natick Community Services Department.The task force has created an emergency call system for the residents of Natick.  


The Natick Community Support Team is supporting a voluntary call system for interested residents in case of weather related or other town-wide events of significant concern. The purpose of these calls are to provide residents with relevant information to prepare for an event such as a blizzard, hurricane, or extreme cold/hot weather event to make sure residents are safe and have adequate resources to stay at home throughout the duration of the event, and to possibly respond if they have unexpected needs.


Residents may receive a call prior to and during the event informing them of the nature of the situation and instructing them who to call if you need non-emergency assistance. For Fire/Police/Medical emergencies 911 is always the first number to call! The residents will be encouraged to report any needs or event-related issues that may arise. If the Support Team is unable to contact them, the team may try to call them by phone or may even stop by their home if they are unable to reach them or their other emergency contact(s) by phone.


If you are interested in signing up for this voluntary program, please complete the form for each resident of your household. You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing! The information that you provide will be stored in a secure location and only be used in an event of significant concern. Please return the completed form to The Natick Community-Senior Center (117 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760), attention Teri Checket.

In the Community

Over 300 pounds of food donated in pantry drive  

The BayPath Food Pantry is now overflowing with healthy offerings after another successful food drive.

BayPath's latest employee Food Pantry Drive was an overwhelming success. We collected approximately 300 pounds of food, while also receiving several gift card and cash donations.


The generosity of our staff is much appreciated by BayPath and by the clients we serve. 


We also appreciate the effort to make our pantry offerings as healthy as possible. Human Resources Manager Terri Falcone, who led the organization of the Food Drive, noted that "many of the employees who made donations made comments on how surprised they were reading nutrition labels - especially when it came to sodium content. I think we all became a little more aware of what is in processed foods."  


Falcone also stressed that anyone is eligible to receive a donation from the food pantry - you do not need to ask permission to use the pantry. Take what you need to help our clients and the people in the communities we serve.

SCO/One Care Report

Celebrating anniversaries and accomplishments   

Senior Care Options and One Care Senior Manager Kate Cosseboom acknowledged several individuals in the SCO/One Care Department who have recently celebrated anniversaries at BayPath.


Vivienne Jordan is celebrating one year as the SCO Supervisor. Cosseboom wrote that "Vivienne has been with BayPath on and off for several years between her work as an Intake Coordinator in Home Care and a GSSC in SCO/One Care. Without this woman's constant dedication and the support she lends to all around her - especially me - I know I would be lost. Vivienne, so appreciative of all you do every single day."


Sharlene Davidson is celebrating two years as the SCO/One Care Program Administrative Assistant. Cosseboom noted that "Sharlene's enthusiasm for her work makes anything seem possible. She is our central hub of all things SCO and One Care and the official new staff greeter/trainer. I swear I don't even need coffee anymore because spending any time around this woman you feel energized and motivated. Sharlene, thank you."


Lilibeth Barclay is celebrating two years as a SCO GSSC. Cosseboom said "Lilibeth has become a leader in our department as we all know that if we have a question we don't know the answer to likely Lilibeth knows and she happily takes the time to help out. The care and attention she shows to each and every one of her clients and their needs is remarkable and I am proud to see how she has flourished here at BayPath."


Lastly, Paige Steinberg is celebrating having just successfully passed her test and is now a Licensed Social Worker. "Way to go Paige," added Cosseboom.  


To date the SCO/One Care program has served over 1,025 clients, with approximately 853 clients currently active.  


Have news from your department or a staff member worthy of some recognition? Let us know about it for next month's BayPath Bulletin. Send us your updates
Mass Home Care Annual Meeting
Massachusetts Senator Patricia Jehlen (above), the Senate Chair of the Elder Affairs Committee, and Representative Jeffrey Sanchez (below), the House Chair of the Health Care Financing Committee, were among the speakers at Mass Home Care's 32nd Annual Meeting on June 15 in Burlington. BayPath had a contingent of eight staff members on hand, led by Executive Director Christine Alessandro.
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