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Our Mission
BayPath Elder Services, Inc.'s mission is to be a trusted partner in providing an array of services and programs to older adults, caregivers, and persons with disabilities to support their independence and dignity.

BayPath offers home care and related services enabling people to live independently and comfortably in their homes while promoting their well-being and dignity. 
Founded in 1977 as a nonprofit corporation, BayPath has nearly 40 years experience serving and advocating for the needs of older adults as a designated Massachusetts Aging Services Access Point and a designated Area Agency on Aging.  
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Our Services
Our Service Area
BayPath Elder Services, Inc. serves the following communities:

Welcome Aboard
BayPath continues to expand to meet the needs of clients and programs, and this past month our staff added a new billing coordinator, Shai He.

The Home Care Dept also welcomes a new face with an intern from Framingham State University, Christen Papile, who is a Senior psychology major.

Congratulations and welcome aboard.  
Team Leaders
Home Care is happy to share that we have named Milka Mombrini, Dana Leavitt, Rhonda Cotton, and Michelle Farrell as Team Lead Case Managers.

Our Team Lead CM's will assist their Teams with training, leading and organizing meetings, and providing back-up coverage. Congratulations!
Mission Accomplished
The Under 60 Workgroup, comprised of staff from Care Transitions (CCTP), I&R, Options Counseling, PCA, One Care, Housing, Caregiver and Homecare, was proud to announce this past month that it has successfully fulfilled its mission set back in May, 2014.
The workgroup's goals were to educate the staff on the diversity of services and programs provided by BayPath to the under 60 population. To accomplish that, it created the successful Lunch & Learn monthly program, which will continue. Also, I&R is now emailing resource information to staff for clients of any age and the workgroup has been educating staff on a day-to-day basis that "BayPath is not just elder services anymore."
The second goal was to educate the public on the diversity of services and programs provided by BayPath to the under-60 population. To accomplish that, the workgroup advocated for and created a new page devoted to our programs serving individuals under 60 on the BayPath website. Also, I&R is now planning to broaden current outreach efforts to include outreach for the younger population we serve.
Lastly, the workgroup sought to centralize resources for the under 60 population. Before this group existed resources for this population within BayPath just did not exist. Now we have compiled individual research staff had been doing and centralized this all under the I&R Department, which has taken this over.

The Under 60 Workgroup included Kate Cosseboom, Debi Arsenault, Douglas Flynn, Gwen Blumberg, Fran Bakstran, Jane Rourk, Kayla Weber, Patricia Foglia, Scott Dean, Seveny Fuchu, Susan Cote, Courtney Cassels and Shela Charlot.

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Caregiver Corner

Caregiving MetroWest adds new content, hits major traffic milestone   
Caregiving MetroWest 
continued to expand both its content offerings and its audience this past month.

The site unveiled a new section with information and resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, which is one of the categories of individuals served by the Family Caregiver Support Program. also reached a new milestone with over 20,000 unique users having now visited the site (20,611 through Jan. 27 to be exact). It was a record week from Jan. 11-17 that helped push the site over the 20,000 plateau, with 1,053 users coming to the site in that seven-day period alone.

January, 2016

Care Transitions Earns National Accolades
BayPath coaches help CCTP rank No. 4 in nation
BayPath's Care Transitions program recently earned some well-deserved honors, as it was ranked fourth in nation out of 36 programs across the country.

That's down from a high of approximately 110 programs, as lower-performing programs have been eliminated. BayPath and its partners in the Central Mass MetroWest Transitions in Care Collaborative have never been in danger of that, as they have consistently been ranked among the top programs in the country, including their fourth-place showing in the most recent rankings released from 2015.

"The coaches have worked incredibly hard to support patients as they transition home from the hospital, and their work clearly shows," said CCTP Supervisor Gwen Blumberg. "They're an awesome group of people with a wide range of experience."

The Community Care Transitions Progra m was introduced as part of the Affordable Care Act and was designed to improve the care of Medicare beneficiaries at high risk for readmission to the hospital. Care transition coaches support patients by providing specific tools and teaching self-management skills to ensure the needs of the patient are met during transitions across settings, such as hospital to home.

Blumberg noted that the average patient at Marlborough Hospital is nearly nine times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital, than a high-risk patient enrolled in CCTP. Marlborough Hospital works exclusively with BayPath's CCTP coaches, while BayPath coaches also work with patients at MetroWest Medical Center's facilities in Framingham and Natick.

BayPath's Care Transitions team consists of Blumberg, who was a CCTP coach herself before being promoted to supervisor last March, CCTP coaches Barbara Fawcett, Maria Zuniga, Nancy Dumart, Nicole Desimone and Sandra De Souza, and administrative assistant Alisa Troncoso. Blumberg praised the work of each of her team members.

" Alisa regularly works with different departments to ensure communication about discharges as well as set up transportation," said Blumberg. "Barbara has worked closely with ECC (Elder Community Care) to put mental health services in place for patients struggling to manage both physical and mental health conditions. Maria and the Nutrition department collaborated to provide meals for a home-bound patient discharged home alone with no food.

"Nancy has had clients open up to her about their experience recovering from substance addiction, and helped bring awareness to safe self-management of pain medication. Nicole linked a patient to a pharmacy that delivers, since without access to test strips he was just guessing what amount of insulin he needed. Our newest coach, Sandra, has done amazing work reaching out to individuals in need both in Boston and Brazil, and we are so excited to have her join the team. These are just a few of the things that the coaches and everyone here at BayPath are doing each day to make a difference in our community!"

Blumberg was also quick to acknowledge the support the Care Transition program has gotten from the rest of BayPath's staff. 

"This success could not have been achieved without the help and collaboration of every department here at BayPath," said Blumberg. "Nutrition has helped get meals out in less than 24 hours for a patient discharged home without food. Our patients have gotten long-term supports in place with the help and advice of PCA, AFC, homecare and SCO. I&R and our Options Counselors have routinely helped us brainstorm community resources available to patients who otherwise would have fallen through the gaps in care. Thank you to all who have helped to dramatically improve quality of life for patients in our community."

BayPath's nationally ranked Care Transitions team (l-r): Supervisor Gwen Blumberg, Nicole Desimone, Maria Zuniga, Alisa Troncoso, Barbara Fawcett and Sandra De Souza (not pictured: Nancy Dumart).
BayPath's SCO Is Bay State's Finest
United Healthcare recognizes BayPath for flu shot success
In their monthly meeting with United Healthcare, BayPath's Senior Care Options team was recognized as the highest performing team in the state in documenting that their clients had received their flu and pneumonia shots.

BayPath had the highest completion rate among all the ASAPs in the state with SCO programs. BayPath's efforts included calling all clients and educating them on local resources to get the shots they needed.

United Healthcare is the biggest health care provider for BayPath clients enrolled in the SCO program, with about 650 of BayPath's approximately 950 SCO clients.

Senior Care Options and One Care Senior Manager Kate Cosseboom, LSW praised the work of her entire team of Angelina Portuense, Bryan Casasanto, Caitlen Girouard, Kayla Weber, Lilibeth Barclay, Paige Steinberg and Seveny Fuchu.

"I think they have very hard jobs that they have to do, but they always focus on helping the client with whatever they need," said Cosseboom. "This is just one more example of how well they do their jobs every day."

Cosseboom offered special praise for Portuense, who was recently promoted to the role of SCO SUpervisor. "Angelina was in charge of rolling this out and coordinating the staff and everything," said Cosseboom. 

Have news from your department or a staff member worthy of some recognition? Let us know about it for next month's BayPath Bulletin. Send us your updates
Secretary Bonner Comes to BayPath
Secretary of Elder Affairs Alice Bonner, here speaking at BayPath's Annual Breakfast last fall, came back to Marlborough on Jan. 25 to visit the BayPath offices and meet with staff.
Secretary of Elder Affairs visits with BayPath staff
Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, the Secretary of Elder Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, paid a visit to the BayPath Elder Services, Inc. offices in Marlborough on Monday, January 25.

Bonner toured the office and addressed the staff, taking questions on a variety of subjects relating to eldercare, the Mass Home Care Program and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, among other topics in an informative session. 
Healthy Living to Expand Program Offerings
MetroWest Health Foundation, CHNA 7 grants provide funding to continue community outreach
The Healthy Living Department has been fortunate to receive support from different sources to continue expanding our service area. We would like to acknowledge the following partners:
  • The MetroWest Health Foundation awarded a grant of over $24,000 to coordinate 12 evidence-based healthy living programs in 12 communities in 2016.
  • CHNA 7 MetroWest awarded a grant of $15,000 to coordinate four evidence-based healthy living programs in the HESSCO service area, with emphasis in promoting the Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management workshop.
  • With the support of additional funding from the Older Americans Act as granted by BayPath we will also be offering several of the workshops in Spanish.
The following workshops have been scheduled between now and June. For more information you can go to the Healthy Living page on our website for a calendar of events.

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While on the Aging News page, be sure to also check out our informative Eldercare Q&As covering a wide range of topics of interest to older adults, their caregivers and professionals working with older adults.
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