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August 2019
We empower individuals across the lifespan to live with dignity and independence in the community setting of their choice by providing quality resources and services.
August is National Immunization Awareness Month
Vaccinations prevent serious disease
Every August is dedicated to National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), which is designed to highlight the importance of immunizations. Each week of the month underscores the benefits of vaccination for people of all ages—including infants, children, teens, pregnant women, and adults.

To learn all the benefits of maintaining certain vaccinations, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, click here .
Vaccines are not just for kids.
Adults can protect themselves from serious diseases such as pneumonia, flu, shingles, or whooping cough. If you have a preexisting condition, such as diabetes, for example, getting the flu can make it harder to control your blood sugar (glucose). The CDC recommends that all adults should speak with their primary care physicians to make sure they are up to date on doctor recommend vaccines.
A spotlight on the vital services and programs at BayPath
In each edition of the BayPath Bulletin, we showcase a different BayPath program and how it helps serve our consumers and local communities.

This month we are shining a light on our
What is the Personal Care Attendant Program?
A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) enables an individual to live more independently and perhaps pursue activities outside of the home that were not possible before , such as school, work, or general socialization.

Funded by MassHealth, the PCA program is open to individuals of any age that are already on MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth, and have a chronic or permanent disability, which requires them to need assistance with at least two ADLs (Activities of Daily Living.) It is the Consumers responsibility for finding, hiring, and training their PCA, as well as run the administrative portion of the program. The Personal Care Attendant is paid a stipend from MassHealth, on a monthly basis. 

How does BayPath Support this program?
Once a referral form requesting PCA services is complete, it goes to the PCA administrator who will review the eligibility of the consumer for the program. If eligible, BayPath coordinates with the consumers Primary Care Physician (PCP) for a "prescription" stating that the consumer does indeed require assistance with ADLs.
The consumer is initially visited by a BayPath Skills trainer who starts the enrollment process and explains the program. Our Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapist then complete an in-person needs assessment and send it to the PCP for approval. The completed and approved assessment goes to MassHealth for final processing. The entire PCA enrollment process takes a minimum of 45 days to complete.    While the process may be complex due to the multiple parties and agencies involved, the result is well worth it to both the individual and supporting family members, by helping the consumer regain a sense of independence.
A consumer recently sent out PCA department the following note:
"My husband and I just moved my sister to live with us to help with her care as she has a severe degenerative disease, and my mom is aging. It has been a difficult adjustment, and I am so new at trying to arrange healthcare and doctor appointments, etc., that it has been fairly hard. The PCA Department was so helpful at getting us started with the paperwork required to obtain a Personal Care Attendant and so kind on the phone. The PCA Department was very encouraging when we first spoke and always called me back right away if I had missed a call. The PCA Department made what is a difficult adjustment a little bit easier."
Meet the PCA Team
Program Manager Patrick Murray runs the BayPath PCA program along with PCA Registered Nurse Robin Logan , Occupational Therapist Elaine Cahill , Skills Trainer Wanda Jimenez , Skills Trainer Rochelle Pagan , and Administrative Assistant Allison Goldman . The group reports to the Director of Clinical Operations and Community Programs, Mary Lou Sheehan .  
Red Sox Ticket Raffle
Raffle prizes donated by AKUITY to benefit the BayPath Food Pantry
BayPath Elder Nutrition Services stocks nutritionally balanced food for elders who may experience a food shortage emergency. An individual does not need to be a BayPath consumer to access the emergency food pantry, but does need to be referred by a social services agency.
If you would like to donate of food to our pantry, please reach out to our Elder Nutrition Program first to find out what the current needs are. Thank You!
Unexpected endings can sometimes be the happiest
BayPath was alerted that a consumer was looking for a cat as a companion. Information and referral Specialist Alexis Smither came across an adorable cat who lost her owner and needed a new forever home.

In an unexpected twist, when KiKi was introduced to the consumer, it was not the right fit.

Alexis then discussed options with co-workers and our Adult Foster Care Case Manager Jen Baker , stepped up and decided to bring the beautiful kitty into her family. Now named Mabel, this is one happy cat!
Cute little KiKi, now Mable, being adored and getting comfy in her new "furever" home with BayPath's Jen Baker! A quote from Jen: "Mabel loves Ben, the boys and I…and I think she and [her kitty sibling] Rumble will get to be friendly with each other, in time ;)"
BayPath Summer Outing - Aloha!
Tiki is the theme at this years summer outing!

Every summer the BayPath team joins together for an afternoon of fun! This year, our fabulous "FUN COMMITTEE" got together and planned a Tiki Themed BBQ. The set-up included a fabulous Tiki Bar serving tropical fruit juice punch and soft drinks.

Lunch consisted of barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers and a variety of delicious pot-luck dishes and desserts brought by the staff.

The weather was beautiful, and it was nice to spend lunch with each other in a festive atmosphere in appreciation of the dedication the staff at BayPath offers to our consumers. Some staffer's even stayed after lunch to play a friendly but competitive game of "water Ball toss" - splashing each other with water-soaked sponge balls.

A huge thank you goes out to our Fun Committee, which includes Adult Foster Care Case Manager Jen Baker , Home Care Supervisor Jackie Maki , Billing Specialist Michelle Jansson , Executive Assistant/Training Manager Kim Ketron , and LGBTQ+ Coordinator Julie Nowak . Nurse Manager Moe Lewis-Wolf also deserves a BIG shout-out as she barbecued for all of us hungry BayPath staffers!
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