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Our Mission
BayPath Elder Services, Inc.'s mission is to be a trusted partner in providing an array of services and programs to older adults, caregivers, and persons with disabilities to support their independence and dignity.

BayPath offers home care and related services enabling people to live independently and comfortably in their homes while promoting their well-being and dignity. 
Founded in 1977 as a nonprofit corporation, BayPath has nearly 40 years experience serving and advocating for the needs of older adults as a designated Massachusetts Aging Services Access Point and a designated Area Agency on Aging.  
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Our Services
Our Service Area
BayPath Elder Services, Inc. serves the following communities:

Welcome Aboard
BayPath continues to expand to meet the needs of clients and programs, and this past month the agency added one new key member to our team.

Lisa Kamyk has come aboard as our new Office Manager. 

Congratulations and welcome aboard.   
Mission Springs Report
Mission Springs Resident Services Coordinator Julia Schneiderman checks in to report that Mission Springs hosted the Holliston Council on Aging's Wednesday lunches during the month of July, while the COA was closed.

Many residents and other Holliston town seniors enjoyed delicious meals in the community room for only $4.00 each.

To show their appreciation, the COA will hold an ice cream party for the residents. It's been great to partner with the COA for such fun events!
Secret Support
Anonymous employee's donations help fund BayPath food pantry 
BayPath's food pantry provides a vital service for some of our neediest clients, supplying food when a client cannot get out of the house or when returning to bare cupboards from a hospital or nursing home stay or any other number of short-term emergencies.

Since April of 2015, a mysterious employee has played an instrumental role in enabling us to help many older adults in need in our communities with a series of generous - and anonymous - donations to the pantry.

Approximately once a month, a Market Basket gift card arrives with no clues as to who the benefactor may be, but his or her generosity has not gone unnoticed.

BayPath Human Resources Manager Terri Falcone, who diligently makes sure the pantry remains stocked with healthy, nutritious offerings, regularly sends out emails acknowledging each gift.   

"A big THANK YOU, once again to the anonymous employee that has donated a Market Basket gift card to the food pantry!" Falcone emailed earlier this month. "Your generosity goes a long way to help those in need! Thank you for your continued support!" 

All of us at BayPath add our appreciation for such a kind and selfless act.
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Caregiver Corner

Latest Q&A offers summer safety tips on Caregiving MetroWest
The heat and humidity of another New England summer is upon us. While the hot weather can be uncomfortable for anyone, it presents some particular dangers to older adults.

In our most recent entry to the Caregiving Chronicles blog's regular series of features in-depth Q&As with experts in fields related to caregiving, we discuss how caregivers can help keep their loved ones - and themselves - safe and comfortable this summer. Discussing these issues and dispensing the safety tips is Judith Boyko, MBA, MS, RN. Boyko has served as the CEO of Century Health Systems since it was established in 2001.

San Diego bound
BayPath will have Executive Director Christine Alessandro, Caregiving MetroWest Program Manager Douglas Flynn and Caregiver Specialist Alicia Rego on hand in San Diego in the final week of July for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) Conference.

BayPath will be receiving an Aging Innovations Award for the Caregiving MetroWest website and will be making a presentation on how the agency has integrated the Caregiving MetroWest program and Come 2 B Dementia Friendly initiative with the Family Caregiver Support Program to provide caregivers with a multi-dimensional approach combining web-, home- and community-based programs to address any unmet needs and give the caregiver a solid foundation of support to continue the care of their loved one.
July, 2016

Understanding the Options
Options Counselors provide guidance through complex world of long-term care and services
Susan Cote,
Options Counselor
Navigating the world of long-term care can be a complex and challenging proposition.

The good news is that you don't have to do it alone.

BayPath Elder Services offers Options Counseling to help guide older adults, people with disabilities and their caregivers through the process. The program, which is available through BayPath's partnership in the MetroWest Aging and Disability Consortium, provides help to enable individuals to make informed choices about long-term settings and services, to understand the resources available to help pay for supports and services, to be referred to appropriate professionals, and to obtain assistance in connecting with resources.

"We help people get connected to services that would be beneficial to them," said BayPath Options Counselor Susan Cote.

"How options counseling works is first understanding the person's needs, and based on those needs explaining what kinds of services and supports are out there in the community that can help them meet those needs so they can stay where they want to stay," continued Cote. "And once they have a good understanding of the options, we help with support so that they can choose a direction. And once they do, we help them with the next steps to complete whatever goal they choose. And then we follow up with them about 30 days after that. So it could be one visit or five visits. It really depends on each individual case."

Cote and fellow Options Counselor Courtney Cassels deal with a variety of issues.

"We get a wide range, because we work with people who are in the community and people who are in rehab or nursing homes who are going back home with more needs," said Cote. "I was just working with someone. She's 54 and has cancer, and she just moved into her brother's home. He works full-time and so does her sister, and they were getting the brunt of caring for her. So we talked about what sort of options were out there that could support the whole family. They ended up enrolling in the adult family care program here (at BayPath)."

Further counseling SHINES through
Cote and Cassels are both trained SHINE (Serving the Health Information Needs of Everyone) counselors as well.

"It's separate, but we found that as we were meeting with people, we were always referring people to a SHINE counselor, and it would be one extra phone call, one extra visit for them," said Cote. "So it just made sense. While we're working with someone to understand their long-term service needs, questions about Medicare are going to arise. It makes sense we understand the options for Medicare as well."

SHINE is a federally funded program through the Older Americans Act, but the Senate Appropriations Committee recently approved an appropriations bill that would eliminate all funding for the program in fiscal year 2017. That bill still needs to be approved by the full Senate and House and signed by the President to become law, but the threat to the program is real.

"It's a little scary," said Cote. "I think they feel that SHINE is volunteer based, but to keep up with how many changes to Medicare there are throughout the year, it's just a complicated thing to understand. So each region has a director and an assistant director, who are salaried and they hold monthly meetings and trainings for us each year and they provide re-certifications each year. They make sure we have the right information for counseling people to get services.

For more information about BayPath's Options Counseling program, check out the full-length Q&A with Cote on the Caregiving Chronicles blog on
A Helping Hand
St. Mary's Credit Union continues its support with donation to Money Management program
Tony Battista,
St. Mary's Credit Union Vice President, Marketing
BayPath Elder Services recently received a generous donation from St. Mary's Credit Union to support the Money Management Program. Through the Money Management Program, clients benefit from free assistance with bill-paying, budgeting, advocating with service providers ... and more. BayPath's Money Management volunteers help ensure that elders receive the targeted help they need for improved stability and prolonged independence.

"The Money Management Program is grateful for this funding from St. Mary's Credit Union," said Paula Geller, Money Management Program Supervisor. "St. Mary's Credit Union has been a long-standing supporter of the program. This donation is significant in helping meet the needs of low-income elders who struggle with their day-to-day finances.

"In addition, Vice President of Marketing Tony Battista has been a valued member of the Money Management Advisory Council for over seven years, sharing his insight and expertise with the program."

Founded in 1913, St. Mary's Credit Union is headquartered in Marlborough with branches in several of the communities that BayPath serves, including Marlborough, Hudson, Northborough, and Westborough.

"St. Mary's Credit Union was founded for the purpose of helping those in need and we have remained true to that purpose for over 100 years," said Battista. "Money management assistance is critical to elders, especially those with no family members nearby. St. Mary's Credit Union is proud to be associated with such a worthy effort."
Talking about Transportation
Marlborough Supportive Housing holds transportation training session with MWRTA
On June 23rd, a transportation training session was held at our Marlborough Supportive Housing Site. A total of 19 people attended and learned about the Metro West Regional Transportation Authority (MWRTA) and the public bus routes that serve the area.

Carl Damigella, Director of Community Relations and Outreach for the MWTRA presented to the tenants, as well as provided on site Charlie cards to interested participants. We look forward to having Carl come back soon and arrange for the tenants to have the opportunity to try out the Rt. 7C bus here in Marlborough.

A special thank you goes to Mike Murphy, Transportation Manager of Employment Options Inc. and Fran Bakstran, Area Agency on Aging Assistant Director, BayPath Elder Services, Inc, for assisting with arranging the session. Transportation challenges are a reality that many people face as they age and we are pleased to coordinate with community partners to bring this valuable information to our clients.
Serving Up Sunshine, and Sun Tea
Marlborough housing tenants offer praise for Bolton Street Kitchen Coordinator Basinette
A tenant at our Marlborough Supportive Housing site recently expressed how grateful she is for our congregate meals, which are held daily as part of the Supportive Housing program.

The tenant expressed how helpful and caring the Bolton Street Kitchen Coordinator, Karen Basinette, of the BayPath Nutrition Department, has been to her. Many other tenants have expressed similar sentiments over the past several months that Karen has been with BayPath.

As a special summer treat, Karen has been brewing fabulous sun tea throughout the past month and bringing this in to share with the meal participants. I want to thank Karen for all the extra attention she gives to our clients and for making the meal time at Bolton Street a fun time for all.
- Submitted by Jane Rourk, Marlborough Supportive Housing Coordinator

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Participants Praise Healthy Living Program
Client testimonials show impact of workshops
The Healthy Living program offered a total of 18 workshops between January and June, with 213 people attending at least one session and 183 completing the program. We are grateful to have new partnerships that help us continue with this work that really has improved the quality of life of each person that has attended our programs. We received funding from the MetroWest Health Foundation, CHNA 7, Framingham Union Aid and Older Americans Act as granted by BayPath Elder Services and HESSCO. We offered some of our programs in partnership with Healthcentric Advisors, Clinton UMASS Hospital, Family Health Center of Worcester and Dedham Medical Associates. We are very grateful for all of our volunteers that were busy leading workshops in multiple towns.

In the last six months, the following programs were held:
9 - A Matter of Balance workshops in 7 towns (Holliston, Northborough, Ashland, Dedham, Westborough, Clinton and Wrentham)
4 - Diabetes Self-Management workshops in 3 towns (Foxborough, Framingham and Northborough)
2 - My Life, My Health workshops in 2 communities (Worcester and Walpole)
2 - Cancer Thriving and Surviving workshops in 2 towns (Foxborough and Harvard)
1 - Chronic Pain Self-Management in 1 town (Foxborough)
These were some comments from participants that attended our workshops:
  • "This workshop made me realize we don't stop enough, relaxation is important."
  • "I moved from illness to wellness."
  • "I always had plans but the action planning tool helps me with the commitment."
  • "Since I attended the Matter of Balance workshop my wife and I are more active."
  • "Life is a constant adjustment and this workshop help me realize how easy it can be done if I ask for help."
We are getting ready for the second half of our programs that started in July and end in December. We have scheduled 20 workshops so far:
8 - Diabetes Self-Management workshops in 8 communities (Hopkinton, Northborough, Natick, Framingham, Medfield, Ashland, Marlborough and Sharon)
5 - Chronic Pain Self-Management workshops in 4 towns (Hopkinton, Franklin, Northborough, and Westborough)
2 - My Life, My Health workshops in 2 towns (Holliston and Wrentham)
2 - Tomando - My Life, My Health in Spanish in 2 communities (Worcester and Clinton)
1 - A Matter of Balance workshop in 1 town (Foxborough)
1 - Cancer Thriving and Surviving workshop in 1 town (Franklin)
1 - Healthy Eating workshop in 1 town (Framingham)
- Submitted by Silvia D. Bodie, MetroWest Regional CDSME Coordinator
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