Bayley Beach

All Rowayton residents will be thrilled to hear that Bayley Beach will re-open as of Friday May 15 th . The beach has been closed since April 10 th  due to safety concerns and the unwillingness of some residents to observe community safety protocols.
As part of the re-opening, the 6TD is introducing a system that we believe will protect all community members. As we learn more and circumstances evolve, we will adjust our system. This is the first time we have been in a situation like this so please bear with us as we get this system up and evolving.
Our goal is to allow as many residents as possible into the beach area while not wanting to risk spreading the virus. As a result, we have new and hopefully temporary rules. Some of these rules are copies of what other municipalities have chosen to do while others were designed for Bayley specifically.
  • Bayley Beach hours will be 9 am to 8 pm
  • Gate Guards on duty at all times the beach is open. The Guards are responsible for controlling access as well as overseeing the rules established by the 6TD for access and use of Bayley Beach.
  • Guards will initially allow access to a maximum of 60 guests at a time (entering by car, bike or foot). Users of the tennis courts, with their RTA ID, are exempt from the cap.
  • Only cars with Bayley Beach stickers will be allowed into the property. 2019 stickers are valid thru 5/30/20 while 2020 stickers will be required as of 5/31/20. Non-resident vehicles will not be admitted.
  • All guests will have their photos taken at entry with ID by the guard at the gate. For cars, only the driver will be required to be photographed (with ID). For cyclists and pedestrians, all adults and unaccompanied students will be photographed with ID (driver’s license or Bayley ID card)
  • Non-resident pedestrians and cyclists will be subject to the published non-resident fees.
  • Basketball, volleyball, playground, and Vellotti Field will not be used until further notice.
  • Physical distance rules must be observed. While families are not subject to the 6 foot distancing rule, Guards will not necessarily know if you are a family. When non-families are less than 6 feet apart, they need to be using a mask. Guards will use their best judgement and have the final word
  • If these standards are not observed, visitors will be asked to leave the property; if Guards are given a difficult time by offending visitors, Bayley Beach rights will be revoked.
  • Overflow guests can wait at the gate (at an acceptable distance) or return at a later time.
  • The bathrooms are open and will be cleaned hourly by 6TD staff. 
  • The food concession, Di’s Food Shanty, will be open as of May 22nd.
  • Lifeguards will be on duty starting with Memorial Day Weekend (May 22nd).
We ask all users of Bayley Beach to understand the challenges of the situation and be patient. The 6TD will adjust procedures as the situation evolves.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation