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January 2021
2021 Workplace Design Trends

2020 has undeniably transformed the world of work, paved a new path for workplace design and inspired a unique wave of trends to surface in 2021. Design choices in the new year are unique in that they are an adaptive response to unprecedented circumstances. We've done our research & turned to our design experts to gather a list of top industry trends we will likely be seeing in 2021--some of which have already surfaced in a variety of ways.
Keeping it mobile.
Maintaining safe distances between co-workers isn't always easy, especially when the amount of people in the office fluctuates from day to day. Mobile furniture can be a solution for maintaining physical distancing in a variety of office layouts. Mobile seating and workstations allow you to adjust distances between people in a safe way, as people come in and out of the office. Additionally, a mobile workstation means that it comes with its user wherever they go, which prevents the unnecessary spread of germs that often come with cycling workstations.

We love the KORE Work Cart from Kimball; a mobile cart designed for ultimate adaptability as it allows you to easily shift from private to semi-collaborative settings in almost no time! Interested? Contact us
Outdoor Spaces
Working outdoors has countless benefits, but the pandemic has brought a new reason to indulge in a bit of fresh air--and that's safety. As we head into 2021, we're seeing workplaces prioritize their outdoor spaces with comfortable furniture to encourage employees to work outdoors and consequently decrease the spread of viruses & bacteria.

Apart from safety reasons, working outside can improve your mood, prevent fatigue and increase productivity overall! We have countless options of quality, outdoor furniture to accommodate your specific needs in your particular space.
Mental health matters:
Designing a workplace people want to come back to.
The pandemic has created new associations surrounding the workplace; it has brought about a great deal of anxiety, and for some, has permanently shifted the way they view in-office jobs. While implementing different tools and barriers to keep the office physically safe is highly important, this year has placed an emphasis on the significance of keeping our minds safe as well. Having a sense of safety is one of our most basic human needs. Safety in the workplace goes beyond implementing solutions to keep the body safe, it is also about integrating design elements that send a safe signal to the brain. Science now shows that certain qualities in the material world have direct influence on levels of peace, calmness and wellbeing. In 2021, we will witness workplaces prioritize making the workplace safe, comfortable & peaceful. Some of the ways this will manifest is through the inclusion of nature elements, residential-inspired design pieces, more curves & less sharp angles.

  • Integrate Nature – Nature brings the essence of peace and calm. Studies show that viewing natural scenery brings more feelings of relaxation and lowers anxieties. Whether it's bringing in plants, organic materials or artwork featuring natural scenery, all will help create a feeling of safety for those in your office.

  • More Curves, less sharp angles – One important characteristic of nature is that it rarely ever contains sharp angles. Keeping lines more curvy and soft actually reminds us of nature which helps to contribute to a sense of peace. Mindfully selecting furniture pieces without straight edges and pointed curves can bring a more natural feel to your workplace.

  • Make it feel like home – Homes represent a safe space for us to find a sense of peace and calm at the end of the day. Integrating residential-style elements into the workplace can help remind employees that they are safe by signalling a sense of familiarity.
Private & Touchdown Spaces
The importance of meeting spaces, whether physical or virtual, has not decreased. However, many of us in 2020 have recognized that our offices are not constructed well for video conferencing. In order to continue successful video conferencing as well as safe in-person meetings privacy solutions & safe touchdown points must be integrated.

In 2021, we will be seeing more creative ways to divide space and create more privacy using architectural walls, isolated workstations, solo pods, adequately distanced hub seating etc. The open-plan office trend has been challenged to create pockets of allocated spaces by implementing more private, touchdown points. If you're looking for ways to implement more space division or privacy in your office, see some of our recommendations below.
Space Division & Privacy Solutions
TrendWall by TrendWay

One of the best ways to create privacy and space division is with architectural walls! TrendWall by TrendWay is simple to plan and install. With a variety of solid, glazed and partially glazed panels, and a full range of door and hardware options, you can find the perfect solution for your space. A big advantage is that these walls can be quickly reconfigured without demolition! We love this solution because it fits our Be. Green. Philosophy—TrendWall is more sustainable thank drywall and contributes to less landfill waste.
Urban™ Wall by Merge Works

Urban Wall by Merge Works gives you endless possibilities for creating privacy at your workplace! These room dividers are entirely customizable and are perfect for creating private work areas, meeting rooms, collaborative huddle spaces, break rooms, etc.

They come in a variety of sizes, configurations and core options, making it easy to create custom versions that are perfect for the size and style of your space! 
Heya Workstations by OFS

We know you don’t want to go back to traditional cubicles and we don't blame you. Thankfully there’s Heya by OFS—a sophisticated, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing workstation. These units provide no-fuss touchdown spaces within a workplace environment. Heya is the perfect place for cultivating a focused time with plenty of privacy and opportunities for social distancing.
These are just a few possibilities! If you're interested in any of these products or have any questions about creating space divisions in your office, please contact us and we will be happy to help!
2021 Pantone Colors of the Year!

These are the colors we NEED in 2021. PANTONE Ultimate Gray + PANTONE Illuminating are beautiful colors whether together or apart. Looking at this beautiful combination, we’re seeing optimism, brightness & hope with simultaneous peace, stability and security. This is the recipe that we need going into the new year. What do you think of the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year? Be. Uplifted. Be. Secure. Be. Vibrant.
Witnessing members of our community struggle with makeshift at-home workspaces inspired us to create a solution to a growing problem. We want to make commercial quality home office furniture available for everyone so we can all experience productivity, motivation and wellness while working from home. Be. Home Office Design is designed to meet your home office furniture needs with ease, so that you can break up with that dining table and fall in love with your new desk as soon as possible!
COVID-19 - What We're Doing

To ensure our customers’ businesses are supported we have taken specific steps as part of our business continuity plan. These steps include:

  • Moving employees to work from home in a thoughtful, choreographed manner. This ensures your businesses continue to receive excellent stability and support.

  • Working closely with our manufacturing partners to make sure we have continuous production updates regarding product delays and deliveries. Product delays will be communicated and handled on a case by case basis. We are stocked with loaner furniture programs in the event of emergency requests.

  • Our distribution and truck services are open full time and making timely deliveries. Your safety is our priority. All of our workers are fully equipped with protective gear—masks and gloves are worn at all times and social distancing rules are strictly followed. 
We're passionate about creating custom workspaces.

We create custom workspaces for clients of every size, in virtually every industry. From idea to installation, we help transform your workspace into what it should Be. Interested in our services? Contact us!
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