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November 2020
Safety Goes Beyond the Body: Designing a workplace that's safe for the mind.

Given our current circumstances, countless organizations have been integrating tools, products and practices to increase physical safety in the workplace. Adaptive tools such as barrier systems, dividers, panels, floor markers, and others have become a staple for organizations choosing to continue in-office work hours. These solutions are essential as they allow businesses to continue functioning during the pandemic while keeping employees as safe as possible. At Be. we have implemented several of these solutions to ensure the safety of our team members, partners and clients.

While these resources are extremely vital, there is a whole other component to workplace safety that can be easily neglected during these times of uncertainty. Having a sense of safety is one of our most basic human needs. Safety in the workplace goes beyond implementing solutions to keep the body safe, it is also about integrating design elements that send a safe signal to the brain. Science now shows that certain qualities in the material world have direct influence on levels of peace, calmness and wellbeing. This means that through studying data, we can design spaces that encourage employees to feel safe coming into work. Here are a few introductory pointers to get you started:

  • Integrate Nature – Nature brings the essence of peace and calm. Studies show that viewing natural scenery brings more feelings of relaxation and lowers anxieties. Whether it's bringing in plants, organic materials or artwork featuring natural scenery, all will help create a feeling of safety for those in your office.

  • More Curves, less sharp angles – One important characteristic of nature is that it rarely ever contains sharp angles. Keeping lines more curvy and soft actually reminds us of nature which helps to contribute to a sense of peace. Mindfully selecting furniture pieces without straight edges and pointed curves can bring a more natural feel to your workplace.

  • Make it feel like home – Homes represent a safe space for us to find a sense of peace and calm at the end of the day. Integrating residential-style elements into the workplace can help remind employees that they are safe by signalling a sense of familiarity.

(Data sourced from: Saving The Workplace By Design: The Hidden Psychology of Safe Space by WorkDesign Magazine

Beyond design elements, it is even more important that your employees feel secure in the belief that their safety matters and that their needs will be heard. Creating a secure workplace environment during this time necessitates letting your team members know that their experience and their needs matter. While it may not be possible to accommodate every need, being an attentive listener can already help bring a sense of safety during these uncertain times.
Witnessing members of our community struggle with makeshift at-home workspaces inspired us to create a solution to a growing problem. We want to make commercial quality home office furniture available for everyone so we can all experience productivity, motivation and wellness while working from home. Be. Home Office Design is designed to meet your home office furniture needs with ease, so that you can break up with that dining table and fall in love with your new desk as soon as possible!
We are very excited to introduce a new member of our Be. Workplace team. Please welcome, Victoria Serr our Sales Executive!

Victoria has over 20 years of experience in Facility and Construction Management. Which gives her understanding of a project that goes beyond just furniture! She understands the needs of the entire team, works to respond quickly, and maintains the client’s interest. Victoria prides herself in being service oriented and generating ideas, this has built a following of business partners and clients who love to work with her. She strives to maintain her reputation for integrity, results, and building relationships. She enjoys warm weather, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, all types of chardonnay, and a good pair of sunglasses!

Welcome to the team, Victoria! 
Our Team Halloween BBQ

Nothing like a great BBQ with the team! We had a blast at our Team Halloween BBQ on Friday, Oct. 30th! Plenty of great food, inspiring conversation & team spirit. Very grateful to have such incredible people on board at Be. Workplace Design. We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

COVID-19 - What We're Doing

To ensure our customers’ businesses are supported we have taken specific steps as part of our business continuity plan. These steps include:

  • Moving employees to work from home in a thoughtful, choreographed manner. This ensures your businesses continue to receive excellent stability and support.

  • Working closely with our manufacturing partners to make sure we have continuous production updates regarding product delays and deliveries. Product delays will be communicated and handled on a case by case basis. We are stocked with loaner furniture programs in the event of emergency requests.

  • Our distribution and truck services are open full time and making timely deliveries. Your safety is our priority. All of our workers are fully equipped with protective gear—masks and gloves are worn at all times and social distancing rules are strictly followed. 
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