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Does your workplace environment support your goals? 
Avoid these common office design mistakes.
Your physical environment is a mirror for the state of your business and a foundation for your success. When it comes to your goals, cultivating the workplace that supports growth, productivity and flow is a critical investment...and you don't even have to be a feng shui expert get it right.

Time and time again we see the same mistakes in office design leading to micro and macro problems within organizations. We put together a list of common office planning and design mistakes to look out for when creating the workplace that maximizes success.
Inadequate Breathing Space (Cramped)

Think your office is too small to provide enough breathing room? Likely this isn't true, as virtually any office space, however small can be strategically planned for to meet your needs. When your team members are forced to work in too close physical proximity it leads to distractions and irritability. This office planning pitfall can easily become a source of poor attitudes and decreased levels of productivity. Productivity and mental clarity requires breathing space, and while not everyone can afford to have the spaciously ample office of their dreams, there are strategic ways to maximize elbow room in any office environment. Our skillful team offers space planning services that help you make the most of your space. Contact us today for a consultation!
Lack of Focused Spaces

The irony of an open-plan environment is that when unsuitable or ineffective, it can create a lack of both focus and collaboration. While inadequate collaboration poses a problem, a lack of focused spaces can have the same effect. Implementing focused space solutions such as booths can breakup an open plan environment and create opportunities for focused productivity. Even a workplace that is not open-plan can greatly benefit from additional privacy tools such as phone booths (see below)
Nevins Phone Booth

We love the Nevins Phone Booth because it creates the perfect setting for enhanced privacy and maximized concentration that can be easily integrated in virtually any work environment. Equipped with motion activated LED light and integrated ventilation, a power/USB module and subsurface Qi chapter, this phone booth has everything you could need! Interested? Contact us!
Poor Lighting 

We frequently advocate for natural lighting above all else, whenever possible. Studies show that exposure to daylight balances our neurotransmitters and hormones by supporting out circadian rhythm. One way to exposure team members to more daylight is to set workstations to be no more than twice the height of the window from the perimeter. Space division is one of the number one ways that light becomes obstructed in the office. If you’re looking to divide your space, we highly recommend glass walls and door systems in place of standard, light-obstructing walls! 

When it comes to artificial lights, the level of brightness makes a big difference. Lighting that is too dim puts a strain on the eyes and can induce feelings of sleepiness, while lighting that's too bright can lead to headaches and irritability.
Inadequate Collaborative Spaces 

After a couple solid years of necessary emphasis on focused, individual workspaces, we're seeing a gradual resurgence of collaborative environments. As always, a solid balance of shared and focused spaces is ideal for workplace productivity and wellness. A space that lacks collaborative spaces, lacks teamwork! When it comes to your team, your output will mirror your input, so if you're looking for a team that works well together, start by creating the physical environment that encourages healthy collaboration! Check out the Collaboration section on our website for some ideas:
Flexion by HON nominated for NAOPA People's Choice 2023

Exciting news! Flexion – HON’s versatile seat for a new era – has been nominated for Best Furniture & Design Product at the North American Office Products Awards 2023! 🎉 Make YOUR voice heard by voting for Flexion in the People's Choice category, now through September 28: Vote Here
An Enchanted Evening

The LightHouse Gala, an Enchanted Evening, was enchanting to say the least! We had a blast at the Westin Hotel in San Francisco Union Square. The proceeds raised at the gala will assist in rebuilding the Enchanted Hills Camp that was devastated by the 2017 wildfires. The Enchanted Hills Camp will be a safe place where blind, low vision and deaf blind campers of all ages can grow community in a blind-positive environment. Thank you LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired for the beautiful evening!
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