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The Lobby that can speak for your Brand.

The office lobby is one of the most important spaces when it comes to brand and company representation. It is the first impression that an organization can make on a client, employee or potential partner. A lobby informs visitors of brand, values, goals, culture, professionalism and so much more. Lobby design choices, space planning and furniture selection allow you to greatly influence how one feels in the presence of your business. You only have one shot to make a great first impression, so let's get into a few key elements of creating a great lobby!
Functionality Comes First

A great lobby is first and foremost, a functional space. Fun furniture pieces are not going to compensate for poor space-planning or structural issues. Having good traffic flow without crowdedness or confusion is essential to an effective lobby space. Making sure entries, exists, elevators and staircases are easy to locate and access, is naturally of high importance.
Your Brand = Your Design

Consistency is one of the key aspects of an effective brand, and that often means taking the perspective of your brand into every aspect of your business, including your office design. When walking through a lobby, visitors will carry certain expectations of how the space should look and feel based on what they already know about your company. Having your brand reflected in the lobby's design demonstrates consistency, professionalism and actually builds trust. From the space planning, furniture selection, color, each aspect of the lobby is an important piece of the image that makes up your brand.

Color, for instance significantly contributes to the atmosphere of a space, as it has the ability to evoke feelings and set moods. Red communicates excitement, boldness, fire and passion, while green is a color associated with nature, wellness and sustainability. It's important to consider which of your company colors are best to incorporate in your lobby based on how you want the space to feel.
Bringing the Outdoors In

Lighting can make or break a space. A poorly lit lobby can make the space appear stuffy, suffocating, crowded and dull. While overly bright and harsh lighting can be jarring and negatively impact one's mood.

Look for opportunities of incorporating more natural light into your lobby and adding Biophilic elements such as plants, water or natural materials. Incorporating natural elements such as natural light, good air flow and plants is a great way to convey a sense of wellness and positivity.
Keep It Comfortable

When it comes to making a great first impression, comfort is as important if not more important than aesthetics. It can be tempting to purchase unique pieces of furniture in order to make a bold first impression, but it is equally important to examine the quality and comfort of the pieces. So making sure to select seating that is comfortable and ergonomically designed is crucial. It's also a wise idea to provide a variety of seating options for your visitors.
The right lobby furniture combines comfort without compromising on aesthetics, here are a few of our favorite pieces.
Thatcher by Kimball

Thatcher is a beautiful piece from the David Edward collection. It is a great addition to any lobby as it's the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetic statement. Thatcher™ is the elegant lounge chair that you won’t want to put in a corner. Finish and upholstery are customizable. 
Ginkgo Lounge by Davis

Ginkgo Lounge by Davis provides optimum comfort while providing a casual feel with a sophisticated look. reimagines the style of the original Ginkgo chair and centers on providing optimum comfort; bringing a casual feel with a sophisticated look. Its wood base evokes a warm, natural aesthetic, while the wire base is minimal and modern. The four-prong base embodies a classic style with fixed, swivel or memory return options.
Whittaker™ by Kimball

An elegant, modular line, Whittaker combines light and slender volumes with a sophisticated industrial aesthetic. The upholstered body and cushions seem to float above the sleek, bridge-like steel base. A choice of different cushion types, materials and finishes augment the adaptability – giving Whittaker a chameleon ability to move from one type of space to a totally different type of space.
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