Plymouth, Ohio

June 22-28, 2014


Rossville, Indiana

July 6-12, 2014


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Are you a Go-Getter? 
We want to help you "Go and Get" the funds you need!

The Fundraising Letter - We have found through the years that the most effective and efficient way to raise money for a missions trip is simply to ask. As believers, we are ALL called to be a part of missions. For some that means going, and for others, sending. Host a letter writing party for your group, and make it a goal for each student to send 25 letters.  For more information on Fundraising Letters (including a sample support letter) and more Fundraising ideas, click here!

Kurt Warner's foundation awards scholarships toward the cost of a domestic service-based mission trip of up to $1000 per youth group!

First Things First is a Christian-based foundation.  Groups of any size, from any denomination and from any part of the country are welcome to apply.  Groups may be formed by schools, organizations or churches and must consist of junior high, senior and / or college-age students (12-22 years old).  Mission trips must be service-based and benefit communities in the United States.

Retired NFL Quarterback, Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda established the Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation in 2001 with the mission of impacting lives by promoting Christian values, sharing experiences and providing opportunities to encourage everyone that all things are possible when people seek to put "first things first."

Must be postmarked by April 1, 2014 for summer trips.

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