Northland Family,

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to read the encouraging message and view the delightful video Robert Gilliland, our Foundation President, sent last week. It is heartening to see how well-equipped our school has been in dealing with the challenges of the day.

As mentioned, last year’s Annual Fund was critical in providing the resources needed to prepare for online learning and adapting to the new world we face in education. In fact, each year the tuition we all pay only covers 90% of the cost to operate the school. So, we depend on fundraisers like the Annual Fund to cover the rest.

This year, we have two major goals:

  1. Achieve 100% participation by Northland families in our Annual Fund.
  2. Raise the additional 10% needed to cover our costs.

When we accomplish the first goal, the other will follow. So, my family and I are “All In!” You can be “All In" too, just by clicking on the link above titled Give Now! and donating to the Annual Fund. Let’s all pull together to help Northland continue in our journey of excellence. (Col 3:23)

Travis Hardwick
Northland Foundation Board Vice President