Fraternal Order of Police

Crescent City Lodge (LA 002)
November 21, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,
The following information was posted on our Facebook page by FOP Attorney and Employee Representative Donovan Livaccari and others. We thought it important enough to share with all of our members via email. 


It was reported today that a couple of members of the group Copblock appeared at NOPD Headquarters. This group acts by overtly and covertly video taping law enforcement officers. Click below to read more.
Officers should remember that citizens have a First Amendment right to video law enforcement activities. Officers should also be aware that it may be necessary to seize those video recordings or to quarantine the recordings until a search warrant can be obtained if they contain evidence of a crime. Make yourself aware of department regulations and policies that may apply.
Members should also be aware that this group is known to attempt to provoke officers into over-reaction for the purpose of capturing that over-reaction on videotape.  Remember, citizens have the right to video police officers - act accordingly.
 For those not familiar with their tactics, here is their video:

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