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June 2015

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Evangelism studies by The Barna Group show that nearly half (48%) of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Of born-again believers, 64% made their commitment to Christ before the age of 18. These numbers tell us that young people respond to the Gospel and that it is important to reach people with the message of Christ before they are adults.


Through the missionaries Above & Beyond is supporting this year, thousands of children will hear of a Father who loves them deeply and promises to help them. After these missionaries serve in their local communities, they will be going global to minister to children through VBS programs, sports camps, medical clinics, arts programs, orphanage projects, and the building of schools. As God's power flows through these missionaries, God's love will move many of these children to embrace Christ and then share with their parents what they have learned about Jesus.

Kai Baessler is a child with a heart for Jesus and missions. He can't "go global" yet, but that doesn't stop him from living above & beyond. Kai's recent GoBeyond lemonade stand raised $120 for Above & Beyond. Find out how you can create your own GoBeyond Challenge.


Above & Beyond is in the Race to Zero. Why?
No one should miss hearing Christ's message. Mark 16:15

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