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MAR 2017    
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Quote of the Month:

"Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees. If you say, "I can' afford it," your subconscious mind works to make it true. Select a better thought. Decree, "I'll buy it. I accept it in my mind."

~ Dr. Joseph Murphy author of The Power of the Subconscious Mind
What is Coaching?

  Are you curious about coaching? New appointments now available. Remember coaching isn't about having someone else cut the cocoon away, it's about allowing you to build your belief that you can fight your way through any situation because you are Enough. It's about developing that internal strength. Interested in learning more? Contact Coach Mark for a complimentary, no-obligation coaching session and experience the benefits first hand. Your goals await. Act today.
Faith, Hope and Trust:     
Once all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella.

That's FAITH

Every night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set the alarms to wake up.

That's HOPE

When you throw a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you will catch her.

That's TRUST

Believe it is possible and it becomes possible. You are in control of what you think.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"My experience with Coach Mark has been much different than what I had expected. I have had a number of coaches during my athletic career and each one had their own approaches. What I have found extremely useful with Coach Mark's techniques is his ability to let me lead myself and essentially just act as my guide. He does not impose his beliefs or ideas but rather works to bring out my inner goals and ambitions and we work on bringing them into reality together. I would recommend Coach Mark to anyone looking for improvement in any aspect of their career or life."
~ Jeff Stork

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Be Careful What You Think/Worry About  

Back in 1990 a gentleman by the name of Richard Metzger and his team of researchers published a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology entitled "Worry Changes Decision Making. The Effects of Negative Thoughts In Cognitive Processing." 1

Quickly recapping, what they found was that as a person's anxiety and worry went up their intelligence went down. Richard Metzger's group observed that when people became fixated on worry and failure their performance drastically dropped and they produced more of the undesired result they didn't want.

Combine that with the alarming statistics from numerous studies that show the average person talks to him or herself upwards of 50,000 times per day with a staggering 80 percent of those thoughts being negative, meaning we can really inhibit our ability to succeed just by the thoughts we put in our head. 

So what are you thinking about/worrying about and how is it impacting you?

Read this short story: Nick Sitzman was a strong, healthy, and ambitious young railroad yardman. He had a reputation as a diligent hard worker and had a loving wife and two children and many friends.

One midsummer day, the train crews were informed they could quit an hour early in honor of the foreman's birthday. While performing one last check on some of the railroad cars, Nick was accidentally locked in a refrigerator boxcar. When he realized that the rest of the workmen had left the site, Nick began to panic.

He banged and shouted until his fists were bloody and his voice was hoarse, but no one heard him. With his knowledge of "the numbers and the facts," he predicted the temperature to be zero degrees. Nick's thought was "If I can't get out, I'll freeze to death in here." Wanting to let his wife and family know exactly what had happened to him, Nick found a knife and began to etch words on the wooden floor. He wrote, "It's so cold, my body is getting numb. If I could just go to sleep. These may be my last words."

The next morning, the crew slid open the heavy doors of the boxcar and found Nick dead. An autopsy revealed that every physical sign of his body indicated he had frozen to death. And yet the refrigeration unit of the car was inoperative, and the temperature inside indicated 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Nick had killed himself by the power of his own thoughts. 2

But thankfully Richard Metzger and his research team continued on and found something else in their study. They observed that when the same test subjects, the ones who were filled with worry and were fixed on failure and performed poorly on the test, were guided to relax and reduce their state of anxiety their abilities, their performance and their outcomes went up and they produced more of what they "DID WANT!"
Once again, proving that the secret, which really isn't a secret, is that You Do Get More Of What You Think About.

Want to learn more? Attend my next upcoming class "Communicate for Success" How you talk to yourself will make all the difference in "YOUR" world.

1.    Richard Metzger, et al. Worry changes decision making. The effects of negative thoughts on cognitive processing. Journal of Clinical Psychology Vol 46, No 1 pg 78-88.
2.    The speaker's Sourcebook, by Glen Van Ekeren (Englewood-Cliffs. N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1988).
Communicate For Success
Upcoming Classes - Edmonton

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Location: King's University 9125- 50st Room N208
(location and date subject to change)
This class is for EVERYONE who wants to improve how they Deal with Change and Communicate with both themselves and others.
  • Learn the difference between the Inquiry and Advocacy models to support achieving a higher grade in clearer communication
  • Learn how to deal with conflict
  • Learn how to demonstrate and practice leadership skills
  • Learn how to improve listening skills critical to effective communication
  • Learn how to remove frustrated and boxed-in thinking and employ Solution Focused Ideology
  • Learn how to run a meeting with engagement and buy in from your staff
  • Learn how to talk to your spouse, partner, and others without judgement and create a deeper more meaningful conversation
  • Learn how to build leaders and practice leadership
Communication is at the very heart of everything we do and it's being recognized that Coach-Like Approach Communication Techniques are being used more and more to improve the way we speak to each other and to ourselves.
The culture in our workplaces is changing and how we communicate needs to change along with it. 75% of the Fortune 1000 companies have already brought in Coach-Like Approach methodology to support their organizations.
 What about you? Are you ready for a change?
Bonus: If you are Canfitpro certified in any of the following designations (PTS, FIS, NWS, NWL, OAS, and PFS) and in need of re-certification credits this class is sanctioned by Canfitpro to offer your full yearly requirement of 4 CEC's.
What people are saying about the course:

"Mark's seminar was engaging and inspirational. It makes you think about the way you communicate with others. He offers a refreshing approach on how to effectively communicate. The personal stories he shares are great and he is very funny and easy to listen to."

~ Ashley Read Elementary School Teacher - Calmar Elementary School

Let's Talk About Dynamite Coaching 


Who do I work with?

I work with exceptional and brilliant people, like you, who at times might find you're having difficulty in achieving your desired goals either in your professional or personal life, or both. Coaching is not about focusing on the problem or what's broken; Instead it's about focusing on creating the solutions and actionable steps that get you more of what you want. 

Together, we explore and develop elegant pathways that lead to choice and change helping you review aims, set directions, and clarify next steps toward your ultimate direction of excellence. The power is within you.