February Newsletter: Issue #14

Be Careful of This Tricky Scam: Whaling

We all know by now that hackers try to use people's emotions against them, often scaring you into providing sensitive information to them.  Here is a scam to keep an eye out for, a newer form of hacking called whaling.  
Whaling involves scamming a company's employees by sending an email that looks like it is from their boss .  By posing as your boss or colleague, a hacker can get you to give away info or money much more easily than with other phishing scams.  
The email says something has come up and then instructs the employee to either wire money to a vendor, send a copy of all employee W-2 forms or the like.  
How can an email look like it's from your boss when it isn't?   Take a look at this example:

These emails may look the same but one uses a capital i instead of two l's in the word 'alliance.'  As you can imagine, it can be extremely difficult to tell the difference, which is why it is important to stay informed on the various methods hackers use against people.  
You can find out more tips and about how your company's biggest security threat may be you in this article:
Our New Payroll Page

We've updated our Payroll page!  If you've hired a new employee and need to add them to your existing payroll, get the forms you need here:
You can also compare your payroll options, including Enhanced vs. Full Service Payroll, and download the form needed to get started.  
QuickBooks Online Tip!

When you are working in your QuickBooks Online  file, you may find yourself going back and forth between pages.  Here is a quick tip on how to move back to the exact page you're looking for.  

By right clicking the back arrow you can get a drop down of all past pages visited recently:
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New features were introduced in the latest software version of QuickBooks Desktop products.  QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise are now equipped with features including:
      1. Multiple monitor support
      2. Search in the chart of accounts
      3. Toggle between cash and accrual on reports
      4. A 'past due' stamp
      5. New keyboard shortcuts
      6. For QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise, enhancements to Inventory Reports
      7. and more.
Select a product to view more of its features:

How to Reconcile in QuickBooks

Here is a step-by-step guide on 'How to Reconcile in QuickBooks Desktop from the makers of QuickBooks.  

It's perfect if you need to review  the basics on how to start reconciling, how to input values from your bank statement, what to do when transactions don't match your bank statement  or how to finish a reconciliation. 

Compare QuickBooks Enterprise Versions

The image above provides an easy comparison between the Silver, Gold and Platinum editions of QuickBooks Enterprise.  

For descriptions of each feature - such as what comes with Advanced Inventory or Advanced Reporting - visit our QuickBooks Enterprise page.  

How to Avoid Scammers This Tax Season

These 7 ways to avoid tax fraud are from NBC News, it gives you some insights into what to avoid and scenarios to beware of (things like- the IRS will never call you!).  

Tyra Banks at QuickBooks Connect

How the Big Data Explosion 
Has Changed Decision Making

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