Be Cautious - Scammers Are Taking Advantage Of The COVID-19 Pandemic
We want to caution our members to be alert to potential scam attempts as we experience these challenges surrounding Coronaviris (COVID-19) in our community and nation. Scammers take every opportunity to capitalize on the fear and uncertainty of society.

If you receive a call from someone asking for personal information we suggest that you hang up. In addition, if you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Mountain Credit Union who is asking you for personal information please hang up and call us directly. We will never initiate a call to you and ask you for personal information over the phone.

Mountain Credit Union staff are here to help in any way we can during this difficult time. If you are concerned or feel uncomfortable with any interaction you have had regarding release of your personal information please contact your Mountain Credit Union representative for assistance. We want to help you avoid any situation that could result in fraud. In addition, each of our personal checking accounts include Identity Theft Recovery which will help you recover if an unfortunate situation occurs.
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