Nachamu Ami ...Be Comforted
Nachamu Nachamu Ami... Be comforted, Be comforted, My people (Isaiah 40:1)... This 2500 year old prophetic invocation still resonates for any moment of tragedy, when our Kehillah, our community, is wounded. It is a much needed message in light of Saturday's attack on the Tree of Life synagogue of Pittsburgh, resulting in 11 deaths and more injured, among the congregation and first responders. In this time of darkness, we are fortunate that words, and deeds, of comfort, have come from across the state, the country, and the globe, bringing Jews and members of diverse religious and cultural groups, of all ages, together, in unity, and shared pain.
Solidarity Shabbat Nationwide

In concert with communities and organizations across the USA, we invite you to participate in a nationwide Solidarity Shabbat.  

Last week, one synagogue sanctuary was violated, one Shabbat was desecrated, and many lives were lost. In response we are called to strengthen our Sanctuary in Time, and strengthen our Kehillah Kedoshah. Please join together in your Synagogue, Minyan, Chavurah, this Shabbat, to affirm our commitment to  Arevut, connectedness and unity.

Come to Israel with Us!
The Synagogue Then and Now:
Israel Experience and Unity Mission
February 26 - March 10, 2019

Led by David Bernat PhD 
SCM Executive Director & 
Meah Instructor

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