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The right paint color has an amazing way
of pulling everything together.

Don�t be intimidated by colors. Many people tell me how much they enjoy natural light and I completely understand that. I would just suggest stepping away from your comfort zone, and take a look at different ways to incorporate color into your home.

Explore with color, make your decorating style elegant and bold
at the same time.

While the majority of the walls in this home were a warm beige, in order to create drama, I added BLACK to the office walls. I don�t know of anyone who walked in to this room and felt it to be dark.


It created a great backdrop for the fabulous artwork. It was offset by the light colored window treatments. Even at night, this room was cheerful and bright.

The dining room should have some drama. What better way to accomplish this than with a deep blue paint. Once again it wasn�t dark! It has a sense of elegance. The fabulous crystal light fixture gave the right light. Again the artwork was absolutely featured by the contrasting walls. Cool colors compliment the wood tones. Light chairs make a statement. I love this room.

Paint is your friend, it�s relatively inexpensive and easy to change. Plus it�s non-fattening, so let your taste buds explore new colors.


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