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Create Elegance and Romance with a Monochromatic Palette

Taste changes over time. You may have imagined an elegant bedroom when you were first married but like Gina and Kevin you may now crave a soothing retreat.

To create their quiet escape we
chose the calming effects of
a monochromatic color scheme.

First, we extended a soothing gray paint up and over the soffit. A deeper gray drew attention to the coiffured ceiling. We accented the room with a soft gray comforter and shag rug, subtle gray horizontally-striped fabric framed the windows and expanded our theme.

No one actually used the sitting room. As you know, I like making every bit of space functional. Built-in cabinets and an island made the sitting room function as an extend closet. It is so nice to have a place for everything now. A chandelier in this room and in the bedroom added romance and sophistication.

As our tastes grow and evolve, it is so rewarding
to keep bringing that sense of style in to our


Image: Before & After

It feels wonderful to come home to a room that reflects who you are now.

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