A Verse
& Encouragement!
Dear Friends,
Happy April 1st and Census Day!
Be Counted!

A pril is usually known for its balanced equilibrium. Spring is here and Easter i s just around the corner which gives us inspiration knowing the meaning of Easter-- A resurrection of new life and a new beginning.  Though we are shut in until April 30th (thus far), we are not shut out of our DIVINE PURPOSE and our true PASSION about WHAT we were destined to do. 

April is also a time of growth, renewal, reflection and moving forward i n a positive and refined manner. It is a time for intentional self consciousness, adopting healthier wellness and living habits , and  reflecting how we can all help someone else in need.
This quiet time give us pause to have a  "Peace Be Still" moment to RELAX, MEDITATE and DISCERN where we are, where we need to go from here, what Changes we need to make to find our true self--Pray and Meditate ( Prayer is when we are talking to God ; but Meditation is when He is talking to us --in so many small ways (some big but mostly small ways and hints).
Try not to be stressed about what going on in the world with this CoVID19 pandemic .Keep your Faith and just know you have Favor with God.  When you look outside and see the trees beginning to bud, flowers blooming, and the grass turning green--in spite of this pandemic--be encouraged and have faith that God is still in Charge of the entire universe; and believe that you have His Favor.
Therefore, take advantage of this downtime and do constructive and inspirational things and be productive. You will be wishing for some down time when this "Stay At Home" mandate is over, and when we are back in the rat race of our usual hustle and bustle.

There is a great difference between being active versus productive --its activity vs. productivity ; and quantity of time vs.  quality time. Its crucial to stay balanced: Mind, Body and Spiritually.
A Special Expression of Gratitude & Appreciation:
We All want to take a this opportunity to show our enormous gratitude to and recognition of all our front-line soldiers:
Our doctors, nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, first responders, ambulance personnel, Army Corp of Engineers, the food workers, cleaning staff, grocery store personnel, truck drivers, and ALL other persons involved, directly or indirectly, with mitigating and controlling this pandemic.


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The WATW (Women At The Well)
Yellow Dress Conference

The sea of yellow dresses on March 7th was bright and inspiring
and connotes sunshine and optimism led by the uplifting and
i ncomparable Rev./Dr. LaVern Murray.    
The Women At The Well movement symbolizes hydrating, refreshing, and restoring themselves, as well as others in need, with the water of
life --for the Mind, Body and Soul. It was an incredible and timely event.
* * * * * * * * * *
In these challenging times of the CoronaVirus 19 Pandemic and the
”Stay At Home” mandate, we can all use some well water and Spring sunshine of optimism --knowing that April showers will soon bring
May flowers regardless.
Thus, let each of us spread our very own Sunshine on others and demonstrate our faith, optimism, and positive spirit.
Go forth and give the first responders and some vulnerable senior
their flowers while they can yet smell them as they try to endure
this frightening pandemic.


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self-reflective and renewal time.


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---------------------------------------------------------- DON'T WORRY, GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE:

"Now FAITH is Confidence in what we HOPE for and
ASSURANCE about what we do not see." --Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)
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