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As 2016 rapidly approaches, this last month, spent with family and friends can be the best part of the year. Practicing the tenets of etiquette will ensure that everyone will be treated with consideration, kindness, inclusion and respect. Good etiquette is appropriate for all seasons.  Create memories and enjoy the holidays.
Thank You!
Tip of the Month 

It is never too late to show gratitude.  Send that thank you note, today.
Here's to You!
Toasting Tips
Toasting our family, friends and colleagues is a time honored tradition celebrated all over the world.  We cheer and toast to each other's health and prosperity.  Being asked to give a toast is an honor.  Knowing in advance can help you prepare a toast that is noteworthy and appropriate for the occasion.

Everyone should take the time to learn the proper way to give a toast.  Being able to give a toast is a valuable business skill. 

Toasts don't have to be recaps of the person's life or the event. Anything longer than sixty seconds is too long. The goal is to say something that is both heartfelt and memorable.  Knowing the person who are presenting the toast to should be an advantage.
Below are some tips to make toasting fun for everyone:
  • Keep it short and sweet. 
  • Get to the point. 
  • Be careful with humor
    You need to know your audience. If you choose to use humor make sure it is appropriate for the audience. 
  • Practice.
    If you have been asked to give a toast you have an opportunity to practice what you will say. Don't memorize it. Say it aloud several times and get someone else's feedback.
  • Always allow your host the opportunity to make the first toast.
  • Be sure everyone has a beverage. It does not have to be alcohol. In some countries it is considered bad form to toast with water.
  • Clinking on a glass with silverware is not the way to begin a toast. The person presenting the toast should stand and call for attention. 
  • During the toast the person being toasted should remain seated. Everyone else may remain seated or stand depending on the request of the person doing the toast. Some may begin with, please rise or stand.
  • The person being toasted never drinks to themselves. They smile and say thank you. They may stand and offer a toast in return. 
  • Guests take a sip of their beverage. Don't drain your glass. Other toasts may follow.
  • Maintain eye contact while clinking glasses. It is not imperative that you clink glasses with everyone. The people in your immediate vicinity are enough. 
After toasting don't forget to say Cheers!

Below are some simple toasts that may be used for any occasion.

"May everyday bring more happiness than yesterday"
"Here's to love, the only fire for which there is no insurance"
"May you live as long as you like and have what you like as long as you live"

Remember raising your glass with family and friends helps cement memories. Any occasion calls for a toast. All you need is people who care.

Tis The Season for Gift Exchange
Gift Exchange
Tis the season for gift exchange.  Selecting gifts for colleagues and clients can be challenging.  Choosing the right gift while being mindful of corporate policy and business etiquette may add to the distress.
There are three factors that should be considered when giving gifts.   Research: Be sure you know something about the recipient.  Shop: Give yourself time to shop.  Last minute gifts usually appear last minute to the recipient.  Last but just as important is the presentation

Below are some tips for making gift giving painless.
Know the rules.

Company policy
Before you exchange gifts, be aware of the company policy. If in doubt, ask.  Consider the policy of clients as well. Some corporations impose monetary limits.

Do your research
You should have a relationship with the recipient. Having an idea of their interests or hobbies makes gift giving easier. Gifts should enhance relationships, not damage them.

The Cost
Establish a limit. Spending more is not necessarily better. Too lavish a gift may cause embarrassment. Purchasing cheap gifts is not to be considered. If your budget is limited you need to be creative. Homemade gifts may be very appealing.

Company logo
A gift with your company logo should be given much consideration. The gift may be seen as a marketing tool.  If you do include your logo make sure it is on a substantial gift.

When selecting gifts certain elements are never appropriate. Religious items, political items, jewelry, clothing, personal improvement gifts or anything sexual should never be given to a colleague or client. Cash and alcohol should also be reserved for close colleagues.

Business etiquette dictates that gift giving goes down and not up. Bosses should not expect gifts from their employees. However, knowing the culture of your company will be the best indicator. Group gifts are a way to give to the boss without appearing to seek favoritism.

When giving a gift it should always be attractively wrapped and presented with a card.  The card should contain a hand written greeting.
Tips to Consider:
  • Group gift to colleagues or boss
  • It is not necessary to give everyone a gift. Just gift privately.
  • Forget gag or humorous gifts.
  • Cash is gauche. Give gift cards or gift certificates instead.
  • Edible treats are always popular. Consider allergens.
Be mindful of your holiday greetings. Everyone is not a Christian. In some instances "Happy Holidays" may suffice.
Trusted Testimonial
We learned a great deal from having Etiquette Coach Wisetta Dolsey, coach our members on current business etiquette.  She showed the members how to wear their name tags correctly.  She also demonstrated the proper way to pass a business card.  Giving our members the opportunity to improve their business skills was well received.  We would definitely bring Mrs. Dolsey back for round two!
~ T. M.
Southfield Michigan
Tips for Holiday Tipping
The holiday time is the perfect time to give an extra thank you.  Holiday tipping rewards good service. It says thank you for continuous service that has been given throughout the year.  Many people regularly make our lives easier. Often we say thank you without much thought to the ongoing support that they provide us.
Etiquette guidelines state that tipping is a show of gratitude and appreciation. Homemade gifts can be just as appreciated as monetary tributes or gifts. 
Below are some guidelines to consider when budgeting for holiday tipping.
Tipping Chart
Whatever you decide to tip, remember to give from your heart.  

Our etiquette classes can help you improve your workplace etiquette, guide your children in learning good manners, and help you refresh your etiquette skills for formal events. We can also customize a program to your unique needs.


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