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Beauty Tip of the Day:  Take Responsibility 

When we take responsibility for our actions. 

We can claim responsibility in everything that we do and realize we are the common denominator in everything. 

We can then transform ourselves and everything around us. 

-Rainbeau Mars



What Better Way is there to Transform Globally then to start within. 

We are all up to huge things but healing ourselves, the leaders and the healers is primary. 

Igniting our ability to love ourselves and each other deeper as we return to innocence, by purifying in the garden. 

We are stronger together. 

Thank you for joining us! 


2013 Summer Pre-Wedding Cleanse:





~ Radiant glowing skin that can soften lines around the face
~ Deeper and more restful sleep
~ Decreased amount of time needed to sleep and feel rested
~ Weight Stabilization- your body will become its ideal weight
~ Decrease in cellulite and other skin-related issues
~ Increased Energy
~ Decrease in mood swings and overall improved mood
~ The unraveling of physical knots and tensions in the body
~ More flexibility and stamina
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3 Week Pre Wedding Cleanse
3 Week Pre Wedding Cleanse
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