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Tuning in during our  meditations to feel and hear and sense and see with our right brain higher capacities is such a joy, as is connecting with the flows of infinite intelligence and love that are there!

Good News - Impacting the Fields
Being the Good News Oracle - In this brief video Jasmuheen talks about the Temple of the Oracle, being an oracle in a modern age that also now requires for us all to be Oracles of good news knowing that what we focus on will grow - to view this now ...

Bright Futures
Incomplete systems, additional layers and new paradigms. This video forms part of the new Messages from the Temple of the Oracle series with Jasmuheen. To view now ...

True Beloveds and Heavenly Realms ...
A brief message from the Temple of the Oracle through Jasmuheen on True Beloveds and the Heavenly Realms -

To view this video ...

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Our Regenerating gatherings

In this brief video, Jasmuheen discusses her gatherings and retreats - being with like minded people, relaxing and regenerating, inspiring, being inspired...
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February, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe it is already February!
  I love being at home over the Christmas season as it is such a productive time - filling up on family love and the joy of just being at home, dosing up on mountain and beach prana flows, repotting pot plants and gardening and generally doing home and life and yes even web channel maintenance and overhauls!
  And ... having pulled an arm muscle lifting weights before Christmas, I am also now learning to be a lot more gentle with myself as a body that has been on Earth for nearly six decades seems to heal a little slower ... or does it? It is so interesting to just sense all flows within us as either harmonious or discordant energy patterns and then in meditation to go deeper to the subatomic particle level to rearrange it all again ... and so I am still learning so much as we all are these days!
  Yet the common theme many hear from deep within is Be Kind, Be Gentle to self and all ...

  People have been saying for so long now that it was hard to navigate around our websites as the data we have released is so comprehensive and also a little overwhelming so we have finally taken the time to redesign them all and also to officially create and launch a specific website for the Embassy of Peace!
  So below we will offer just a little of what each one of our websites now does and of course we would love your feedback if you can take the time to assess each website!
  We also want to make sure that you are now on the correct mailing lists that interest you as we have also added our new Live Conferencing mailing list for those of you who are open to connect in with us via Google Hangouts in the future! For more on Live Conferencing click here or enjoy this brief video.
  All you need to do is click on the Update your profile button at the bottom of this email to check again which list you wish to be on - or update your new email contact - as we hope to send out data in future that is relevant just to the list you have selected!

  For taking the time to help us we would like to offer you a free gift of an e-book or a meditation to download, so once we receive your email with your feedback we will send you the link to what ever book or meditation you would like to receive free! To help you decide  here is a link to our complete products page!

  So as usual we hope you enjoy this mail-out and also our video Invitation for our Embassy of Peace Retreat in Sardinia in September this year!!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie ...

Being Gentle
Be Gentle with Yourself ...
So many emails flowing in with people describing weird energies, feeling immensely tired all of a sudden, feeling as if they have no energy to do anything much at all...
Be Gentle with Yourself ...  Hmmmmm .... what exactly does this mean? We know how to be gentle with others, that's easy, but to be gentle with ourselves? Does this mean not doing much?
  Not exercising or just doing very gentle exercise?
  Does it mean taking things slower, being less busy with our creative flows and impulses?
  Does it mean being more focused on the me and less on the we for those who have had a busy service agenda?
  This is such a personal message that only each one of us can interpret as it all depends on how we have been living our lives.
  I know the world will continue on quite nicely whether I am in it or not but since I am in it, then with these new energies coming in, what is the best way to be?
  Obviously for many that answer is simple as well - why not just BE our Best Version Essence Selves?
So this is the focus of our tour time this year!

Please help us make the below the best we can!
A trinity of websites offering different things ... Synopsis of our channels ...

1. For more on the rhythms of Health and Harmony - on personal, global and universal levels - enjoy our new look Cosmic Internet Academy website!
2. For data on Jasmuheen, her Living on Light Research, art, books, meditations, MP3's and events go to
3. Also enjoy our new Embassy of Peace channel with our events and live conferencing, and affiliate programs!
We'd love your feedback!
Hi Tech Futures and Smart Machines
Videos to enjoy

What happens when we teach a computer how to learn? Technologist Jeremy Howard shares some surprising new developments in the fast-moving field of deep learning, a technique that can give computers the ability to learn Chinese, or to recognize objects in photos, or to help think through a medical diagnosis.  To view now ...


Also ... In this data-filled - and quite charming - talk, human resources expert Rainer Strack suggests that countries ought to look across borders for mobile and willing job seekers. But to do that, they need to start by changing the culture in their businesses. To view this video .... 


CODING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Baselines and Controls for Triple Win Solutions with Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace (in response to concerns and comments on this by Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk). Can inadequately programmed Artificial Intelligence create a problem for a world in the future, where robots will have the ability to both replicate themselves and to increase the rate at which they can outsmart and eventually potentially eliminate the human species who they may ascertain to be a danger to the planet?
For years our Intergalactic Friends and the Holy Ones have been telling me that we need to add specific Baseline Programming into our A.I.'s so here is our Coding Artificial Intelligence video, which you can now watch at this link.


Super Juice Me ....
A quick way back to health ....
Sitting here with tears in my eyes having just watched the movie The Big Juice Experiment - Super Juice Me! - One Disease - One Solution... Why the tears? For me it is so good to see people transforming their lives in such a simple yet profound way - it is also so heart touching to hear and witness their stories of pain and disease and watch it all being changed as their bodies are given back the ability to self heal!
They all feel so fantastic as their diseases disappear on a juice only diet yet there is of course so much more from there - to then go on to pranic nourishment is such a freedom that awaits us in this world - freedom from all dis-ease, plus a freedom of choice that is so beneficial for ourselves and our planet! To eat just for pleasure and not for need to also such a joy for many now!
So darkroom awaits for 90 of us in 2 weeks as people from all over the world come to take all of this to the Zen Mastery level - what a blessing we all have to be able to play with our energies in such empowering ways!

A Message for this time ...
Beloveds ones ...

Portals are widening through all the energy gateways both in your body systems and also in your world ...The influx of energies of your multi-dimensional natures and their recalibrating pulses and flows are becoming more consistent in you and around you ...
For many right now you may be feeling tired, out of sorts so to speak ... and so we urge you to just rest, be still ... Your world is being reconfigured now is so many ways as your own bodies of light shine more brightly ...This is no longer a time of the busyness of doing, but rather of just BEing the truth of who you really are ... moment by moment. You will continue to feel challenged until you live this truth gentle with self, be gentle with all ...

Message received by Jasmuheen from the Temple of the Oracle - 19-2-15

That's all we have for now!
Remember it is a time of an influx of subtle yet powerful
multi-dimensional, interdimensional energies so ...
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