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Transform unused living space into a room you can't live without.

Too often, I meet families who have a big empty room in the front of their home. The floor plan called it the �living room,� but very few people actually spend any time living there. So, it has become my mission to create not only a room that looks great when you step in the front door, but also one that invites you in.

Friends come in through the
front door and are escorted to
the family room, bypassing the front room altogether.

It is especially tricky to create a welcoming room when it has a two-story ceiling. The drama of the space deserves to be highlighted and simultaneously balanced visually to prevent it from overwhelming the room. I start by talking to the client about how they would like to live in this room. In this home, Sherry�s daughter Jenna needed a place to practice the piano. While Sherry wanted a comfortable place to read by the window with its pleasant view.

Since this room was open to the dining room, we needed to create visual harmony, picking up the red and beige from the dining room was a natural start. Mark, Sherry�s husband liked black, so extending the balance of color was a natural addition. Painting the oak hand rails black and the spindles white added a touch of elegance.


Image: Before & After

Swivel chairs allow guests to enjoy both rooms at the same time. A chaise by the window creates a perfect reading spot for Sherry. Now this family has a room that can be used every day.

Let us guide you in creating a harmonious living space and make the most of every room in your home.

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