Well, we are officially through the first quarter of 2022 - I'm wondering if the April Fool's Day joke is that it's not actually April Fool's Day?! Not really sure how that happened. Time is a very strange thing these days; each month feels like a year and at the same time January feels like a couple of weeks ago....

Which is why it’s more important than ever to be in touch with your individual time and energy and how you are using it. Are you digging in and making the most of every second of every day? And that doesn't have to be anything thought to be traditionally "productive" - spending time in gratitude or appreciating nature; journaling, reading, watching an inspiring or educational video; examining and healing your childhood wounds; doing anything that brings you pleasure; creating something; spending quality time with your loved ones; making a healthy meal for yourself or simply resting when your body needs to is just as, if not more, important than crossing things off your left brain's to-do list!

And even if you're not maximizing the time you have, at least observe when you fail to make the best of it - be compassionate and forgiving of yourself, and do better the next day.

This is not something that takes a lot of effort, it just requires a certain awareness and routinely checking in with oneself. I always recommend to my clients and workshop attendees to take at least 15 minutes a day to reflect on what’s going with you - what are you thinking, how are you feeling, what has transpired, what needs to be felt and released, and what do you want your current focus to be? That's a daily practice, but then remember to periodically take time for a more in-depth comprehensive review.

Today's PGG reflects all these themes, and the PGG Video of the Week talks about how to journal and why. This week's Instagram post is a video about balancing your right and left brain, and a Yogitea message expressing just that. For our PGG Vibe of the Week celebrate Life and your Being-ness with the incomparable Stevie Wonder's As.

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